How To Make a Motivation Board

Some of my fave yoga teachers use motivation or vision boards to set/reach goals and keep their eye on the prize: happiness! As a kid, I was all about cutting and pasting creativity into a collage of my hopes and dreams… but as an adult, I’ve lost that wanderlust. To-do lists for work/kids/the house have taken over my internal to-do list. Time to reset it with the help of Kerry Burki, a yogi and crafter extraordinaire. Kerry teaches yoga at Funke Yoga and The Boulders Resort, hosts Yoga + Craft Workshops at her home and supports creative entrepreneurs as the editor of Handmade Success – and here she tells us all how to whip up a motivation board…

So the weather has gotten cooler and we are all starting to enjoy fall here in the Valley. To me that means much needed motivation to ditch some of the bad habits that set in during my first summer back here since 2001. So I created the Motivation Board shown above and want to share with you how to create it too.

STEP 1: Roundup your supplies
Glue Stick
Piece of paper (any size or color – I used printer paper)
Decorative Paper (I save thank you cards from friends and family for this)
Washi Tape (you can find this at Omiyage, Etsy, Target or Michaels)

STEP 2: Choose a theme
I prefer to think about how I want to feel instead of how I want to look (or a goal that I want to reach). My focus is feeling healthy.

STEP 3: Flip and clip
Go through magazines/newspapers and notice what jumps out at you. Healthy eating, exercise (like yoga and bicycling), creating and making art and playing with my kids all contribute to my overall health. Cut out words and photos that speak to you and set them to the side.

STEP 4: Work around your theme

When you have enough images and words, you can start arranging them on your paper (don’t glue them yet). I like to put the theme of my board in the middle and arrange everything else around it. Move things around and remember you can fill white space later with tape or markers.

STEP 5: Have fun! (there are no rules)
As you add your cutouts, notice if you’d like some to have tape or decorative paper under them. You can even make scribbles and then add a word on top that shows the color popping out from behind. You can choose a color scheme if you like, or you might like more white space (I tend to fill it in with simple shapes like triangles, circles and squiggles). Don’t hold back. And remember: There are no rules!

STEP 6: Soak in the motivation!

The time you spend creating this board, focusing on your words and images and getting creative with it will definitely have you feeling motivated. Hang it where you’ll see it daily and let it do its work. Any time you’re feeling sluggish, out of whack or unmotivated is a great time to make a motivation board. Also, say you hit a plateau or need to re-focus, create another one. You can make a folder and switch them out when needed too. Just have fun and get motivated!

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