What is BioHacking?

By Dr. Soffia Palsdottir PsyD, Chief Clinical Psychologist at Mental Health Center of America

Biohacking leverages individual biology aimed at improving performance, health, and wellbeing through strategic interventions and without using traditional medicine. In the broadest sense, biohacking refers to any practices aimed at optimizing your physical and mental health by following simple healthy lifestyle guidelines such as getting enough sleep, eating clean, exercising, etc. to more advanced practices including blood work evaluations, hormone therapy, cryotherapy, and neurofeedback.

As with everything, different biohacking techniques will appeal to different people. But as a beginner, it’s important to get the basics right in terms of your diet, sleep, and lifestyle before you move on to the advanced practices.

And as technology and research for technical biohacking becomes more available, when coupled with the knowledge and support of medical professionals, biohacking has the opportunity to decrease stress, anxiety, inflammation, and depression while increasing clarity, energy, sleep, motivation, and happiness. 

According to Forbes Magazine some common biohacking techniques, like meditation and intermittent fasting, have been around since ancient times.

Why do people want to hack their bodies? Some do it because they don’t feel well and want to go beyond traditional medicine to address mental and physical health concerns. Others want to use engineering to explore unconventional ideas and have full control over their own bodies.

Still, others do it because they want to try to halt the aging process and generally improve their quality of life. Whatever your reason, biohacking is best done under the care of a quality health care team. At MHCA, our BioMed program is uniquely designed to support your treatment goals and overall mental health needs. To get started today visit mentalhealthcenter.com.

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