Summer’s Over! The Top 3 Things You Can Do to Avoid that Winter Coat

Just because the pools are closing, and the sun is coming up later doesn’t mean your motivation has to go into hibernation.

If anything, this is the time to really get after it and remain consistent with the good habits you’ve built to keep that summer physique tip-top.

With that being said here are the top 3 things you can do to stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready:

#1 – Eat Well! This does not mean diet. I mean choose good food for your body. Let’s go high-level here. Focus your nutrition on lean white meats, with red, higher fat protein incorporated intermittently. Vegetables ARE carbs: the good kind! Get your veggies in, and limit breads to accent your meals, not overtake them. Lastly, enjoy your food. Mix it up as best you can, do you best, and make sure you treat yourself from time to time as a reward for staying on the straight and narrow.

#2 – Lift Weights! Resistance training builds muscle and enhances not only performance but also aesthetics. Regardless of your goal to lose or gain, everyone wants to show off their abs and flat tummies. You can expedite this process by enhancing your metabolism to work for you before, during, and after training with little extra muscle.

#3 – Get your heart rate up!! You can easily get your body into a cardiovascular state by obviously running and taking a spin class from time to time. Other, less steady-state methods include: lift lighter loads with higher volume, utilizing interval training techniques involving stations for rounds and periods of time, or even picking up recreational sports to get you out and moving. You are only limited by your imagination here.

Box Step Ups at CrossFit PHX
Photo by @jweinberg

Try this on for size over the course of the next 4 weeks and let me know how it goes!!

  • Monday – Lift: Lower Body
  • Tuesday – Cardio: For Time
  • Wednesday – Lift: Upper Body Pressing
  • Thursday – Cardio: For Distance
  • Friday – Lift: Upper Body Pulling
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