Sleep Deprived? Shop the Best Mattresses for Individual Sleep Styles

Written by Anthony Conti, Marketing Director for Spencer’s TV & Appliance 

We spend roughly one-third of our lives sleeping, so it’s vital to get a good night’s rest. A bad night of sleep can lead to an array of physical and mental problems including memory issues, a weakened immune system, weight gain, and mood changes.

Therefore, it’s essential that we sleep on mattresses that will provide us with the optimal environment needed to sleep soundly. At Spencer’s TV & Appliance, we have tips on how to match your sleeping style with a mattress that is the best fit for you:

Back Sleeper

If you or a partner are exclusively back-sleepers, then the stable support of a firm or extra-firm (a.k.a., very-firm) mattress is crucial. The sturdy surface is ideal for keeping the lumbar aligned with the rest of the body, which is better for the back. 

Back sleepers also can enjoy a plush mattress, as long as it is not extra plush. Back sleepers might enjoy the softness that a plush mattress provides, however, they must be aware that if it is too plush, they will not have proper support for their spine. 

Stomach Sleeper

If you are a stomach sleeper, avoid a plush or ultra-plush mattress since it could lead to extensive arching in the back. A firm mattress is the best for your sleeping style—which prevents this arching in the back. An extra-firm mattress is not ideal for a stomach sleeper either as they try to cozy into bed and create a comfortable neck position as they sleep.  

Side Sleeper

Side-sleepers benefit the most from a soft comfort level since the mattress envelopes the body rather than pushing it away. Consider plus or extra-plush mattresses to help you catch z’s.

Avoid extra-firm and firm mattresses if you are a side sleeper because it is considered too firm to properly support the postures you hold while sleeping. A mattress should conform to the curves of your body as you lie down. 

If you are sharing a bed with a partner that has an entirely different sleep style than you, you might want to invest in a medium mattress—which is for all sleeping types. Ultimately, the best way to find the perfect mattress is testing out all of the options yourself. Don’t be afraid to visit the store and test our different mattress types and levels of firmness to find your perfect fit.

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