The Secret to Visible Abs: Work Hard

Athletic Woman with Sixpack Abs

Best-Ab-Exercises-WomenA sexy, toned, and sculpted core is at the heart of all gym goers’ dream. Flat tummies are admired on both men and women so it’s no wondering why so many people seek that fast-fix method to achieving just that. Sadly enough, and like all fitness truths, abs aren’t made with a tiny pill, magic tea, or newly invented exercise techniques–and if you’re getting “results,” you might want to research the label.

“Without the right macros and a proper training routine that produces change, you’re chasing your tail,” Kellie Michelle, founder of Kelli Michelle Nutrition explains. “Nutrition tracking is imperative to getting lean, [and] adding muscle. You can’t out train a poor diet,” she says.

No, no! In fact, it’s hard work, dedication, and consistency that will help you slim down that mid-section and most often you won’t even see results for up to weeks at a time! A good standard time-frame to reference when looking for results is ‘four weeks’. Every month or so you should see results, even if it’s only slightly. A healthy range to lose every week is 1-2 pounds, though, it’s imperative to recognize different body types will produce different change.

Kelli Michelle reminds us, “Don’t chase the unobtainable, it doesn’t come in a can or from Instagram. Some people have to get leaner than other to see their abs.” Just stayed focus on you.


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