Sunday Morning View!

Happy Sunday! In LA this last weekend shooting an amazing project called “The Sunday Morning View”. Photographer Karlo Gomez capturing the very essence of what it means to be comfortable, confident in your own skin. Presenting a female body and the beauty it holds in any shape or form. I was drawn to this project mainly because I have learned to love my body and have overcome body dysmorphia and the food issues that came with it. It is amazing to truly find balance….balance for me meaning to make a choice and being “happy” with that choice- no shame and no guilt.


So how did I get to this point of being comfortable with my body, battling thyroid issues and choosing to fight for happiness and overall quality of life? Well, you read it right there in the last sentence…..”Quality of life”. What kind of “quality of life” are you living when you are in constant deprivation, guilt , shame and constant feeling of hunger? I know that my mind can be my biggest ally or my worst enemy and I no longer wanted to be a vicim of that….so I made the choice.


felicia 1

The choice to :

1. Be proactive with my health– researching foods that supported my thyroid vs hindering it. I started reading that the more restrictive I was with food the worse my thyroid would get. So I stopped DIETING.

2. Worked out harder for shorter periods of time and found other ways to be active– I no longer was training for aesthetics but now for functionality and to just “feel good”. I love working out but over the years lost my passion. I learned to love just being active. Hiking, yoga, cycling are all activities I started to do and stopped feeling guilty if I didn’t get a “traditional” gym workout in. And when I am in the gym I do a mix of resistance and functional body weight training.

3. Remove negative energy from around me- this includes people and things that have a  negative impact on you. This can be just as harmful as putting unhealthy foods in your body. Stress and negativity can wreak havoc on your overall quality of life which will in turn affect your health and body.


felicia 2

Love yourself enough to fight for your well being and overall health. YOU ARE WORTH IT!


Thank you so much for reading,

Felicia Romero

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