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Many times we get comfortable in our situation, even if we are not completely happy, because it is all we know. Fear, doubt and the inability to see what we are capable of doing holds us back to who and what we can really become. If you see yourself as a “non fitness person” then you will continue to tell that story and give up on your fitness regiment or may never start. If you tell yourself “I will never find love” then you will continue seeing yourself as “unworthy of healthy, good love”.

What we think is extremely powerful. We must see ourselves as what we want to become. We must REWRITE OUR STORY.


I spent many years competing and defining myself by how I looked physically as well as how I placed in competitions. I let it affect me and how I felt about myself. I had major ups and downs and found it very hard to find balance after a show. Food, workouts, weight gain or weight loss were all too consuming even after done with a competition. I lost my joy of the little things that I use to love and created unhealthy habits that turned into a repetitive pattern.

The pattern for me was extreme behaviors like binge eating, extreme dieting, depression, avoidance of social situations and self-sabotage. I dealt with this for many years that it became part of who I was….or who I “thought” I was. But, it DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS. Your story can change…but YOU have to rewrite your identity to a positive one.


Start looking at the life you have created and the

patterns that have played out.


  1. Negative self talk- if you focus on your weaknesses then it will leave no room for the positive. Repeat to yourself- “I am capable”, “ I have control over how I feel”, “ I can accomplish anything I put my mind to”.


  1. Unreasonable reactions- Pay attention to how you react to small frustrations. If you flip out when your guy leaves toothpaste in the sink or if your friend forgets to call you back there might be other underlining issues. I know that I have dealt with this in my own personal relationships. I flip out over something so mundane and small but the underlining issue was that I could not trust anyone and usually people just let me down, which is something I have experienced in my past, my old story.


  1. Repetitive patterns- do you play the same role in your friendships or romantic relationships. Do you attract relationships where you were hurt or abandoned? It is the same repetitive pattern….same goes for fitness and eating disorders as well.



You do not have to live the same story! It is up to YOU to rewrite your story for the better and do all of the things you have told yourself you could not do. Start and stick with your fitness program and make it a healthy lifestyle, follow your dreams or passion and start doing instead of talking and most importantly believe in yourself and all that you are capable of doing!


Thank you so much for reading!


Felicia Romero

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Owner-Felicia Romero’s Fit Method

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