Benefits of Cross Training – with Gyrokinesis®

Gyrokinesis® is a movement system that rhythmically relaxes tension and rebalances the body. It’s stretching, core work, and massage rolled into one! By gently moving through greater ranges of motion; the body increases blood flow to the moving areas. This allows muscles to relax and a greater range of motion to be achieved.

Gyrokinesis® works from the inside out. The focus is on the engagement of the deeper core muscles. This allows the larger muscles to rest and recover from regular exercise, stress, and everyday use.  In addition, sore muscles can recover faster because of the increase in circulation, without added stress to that area.

Many exercises are done from a sitting position. This provides the greatest potential for full range of motion in many exercises. The focus is spinal flexibility with core support. The movements translate into the shoulders, pelvis and hips to encourage maximum benefits for overall movement.

Using focused breathing techniques and fluid movements, Gyrokinesis® has very similar health benefits to massage and restorative yoga. However, because we are moving the body and engaging the deeper muscles of the body, there is a true strengthening benefit to this method.

When you move a little deeper and slower, the body has time to become aware of HOW it’s moving. This awareness helps correct little imbalances in movement patterns. Which will allow old habits and one-sided stress from golf, tennis, dance, etc., to relax and realign.

Dawn Ryan is a certified Stott Pilates, Gyrokinesis®, Kinesis Trainer and Life Coach who teaches at DC Ranch Village Health Club & Spas on Fridays at 8:45am in the Mind Body Studio. All levels are welcome.

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