World Premier 427 Corvette up for Auction in Scottsdale

The Barrett Jackson Auto Auction in Scottsdale is more than just a sales house for rare luxury vehicles.  It is more of a celebration of the car as a work of art, and it is a celebration where the admiring participants can take their object of admiration home with them.

The Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction is at once an auction, a party, a show, and a place where the most dedicated automotive enthusiasts and collectors can gather and revel in the world of stylistic and engineering mastery.  For this reason some luxury car outfits decide to debut their future production vehicles here in Scottsdale, as opposed to Detroit or LA.  This year Chevy has decided to debut its new 2013 427 Corvette Convertible.

The new 427 Convertible stands apart from the standard  Corvette fare with high end graphics, badges, and unique wheels.  More importantly, the convertible adds the Z06’s 7.0-liter 505 horsepower V8 under the hood, making it the most powerful drop top Corvette to ever leave the factory.

This particular model features the 60th Anniversary Package that includes Arctic White exterior paint, Pearl Silver Blue racing stripes, and a Diamond Blue leather interior.  Serving to further set this vehicle apart from the crowd is the fact that, as the very first example of the model to be seen in public, it will be auctioned off this weekend at Barrett Jackson, with all proceeds going to charity.  It doesn’t get much classier than that.

Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts should hurry down to Westworld in Scottsdale to have a chance to bid on the 2013 427 Corvette Convertible as well as a host of other rare and luxurious vehicles while there is still time.  In an auction with a reputation for featuring the most rare and desired vehicles on the planet, this year’s offerings stand out as a bright spot in the pantheon of Barrett Jackson Auctions.

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