Rare Jaguar, One of 6, Up for Auction in Phoenix

With the amount of time the average Phoenix Valley driver spends in their vehicle per week, it pays to drive something in which you can feel some pride.  Some people take pride in the engineering prowess contained under the hood of their car, some enjoy a fine exterior aesthetic, while others like to know that the vehicle they are driving is a one of a kind, or at least close to it.  The Jaguar pictured above offers all three.

A Jaguar is an exclusive vehicle.  The Jaguar XJ-220, with only 350 vehicles built, is even more exclusive.  The Jaguar XJ-220S, with only six examples being built, is about exclusive as it gets.  One of these six models will be going up for auction this week at RM Auctions, taking place at the historic Biltmore Resort and Spa.

The original Jaguar XJ220 was introduced in the late 1980s as a concept; response was so strong that Jaguar enlisted Tom Walkinshaw Racing to conduct a feasibility study to determine if a production series would be possible. Although production was promised to be limited to just 350 units, Jaguar took deposits for 1,500 cars, which was then pared back to the originally promised limit.

The standard XJ220 had a body built of aluminum. TWR modified nine of these cars; three examples were transformed into the XJ220C to compete in GT racing, while the other six were designated as XJ220S. The XJ220S model, like this example, was comprised of five “standard” units and one additional “modified” version. They were produced as road-going cars built to comply with homologation requirements.

Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts and/or car collectors can make a bid at being one of only six possible owners of this particular model at RM Auctions, taking place at the Arizona Biltmore between the 18th and the 20th of January.

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