Craigslist Early 1960s Roundup

Anyone who has spent an afternoon wandering around an antique or thrift shop can tell you that you are more likely to find your favorite items second hand.  This is true for mugs and golf clubs as much as it is for vehicles.  While the Nissan Leaf is an exceptional automobile, can it really compare to a polished 1964 Chevy Nova SS?  I would say no, but I might also say that it is akin to comparing apples and oranges.

The early 1960s in particular is a great window of years to search for.  If you go back much further the cars will either not be running or will be restored to the point of having lost some of their vintage old world charm.  If you step a head a few years then you find yourself in the world of Dukes of Hazard and Starsky and Hutch.  Sure they always find themselves in a pickle, and sure they will always miraculously come out the victors by the end of the program, which IS impressive, but the style has yet to become tastefully classic.  As of now it rest firmly within the strong grip of nostalgic irony.

For now, lets look at one great example of an early 1960s car we have found advertised for sale recently on Craigslist-Phoenix Valley Area.

1963 Buick Skylark:  This is one model that has changed dramatically throughout its lifetime.  In production from 1953 to 1998, it started out as a boat of a vehicle, a sweet convertible cruising machine that crept slowly up and down the central arteries of many a small town 1950s main street.  By its end the Skylark had become an ultra tamed sedan, perfect for retirees and upscale cab drivers.  This model, however is a 1963 Skylark.  Like many vehicles being produced in the early 60s, the Skylark had gone from sloping cruise boat to sleek quasi boxy proto muscle car.  1963 and 1964 are the primal years for the proto muscle, away from the glitzy maudlin polish of the 1950s behemoths, and not yet into the overly conscious and ubiquitous muscle car culture of the later 60s and 70s.

Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts should check Craigslist Phoenix Valley Area daily to view the most recent classic cars put up for sale.  Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts should also plan on attending the Phoenix Arizona International Auto Show to learn about the most recent concepts and innovations coming out of the international auto industry, taking place at the Phoenix Arizona Convention center over Thanksgiving weekend.


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