Bob Parsons Q&A About Annual Biker Blast

The annual three-day event, Bob’s Biker Blast,  happens this weekend and is hosted by Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale, Go AZ Motorcycles and Valley entrepreneur and philanthropist Bob Parsons.

If you missed our preview article, check it out here! chatted with Bob about the event earlier this week, this is what he said:

Bob — I appreciate you calling me!

AFM — Oh yea no problem, I’m excited to cover the event! It seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Bob — It was last year!

AFM — Could you tell me a bit about the Biker Blast and how you came up with the idea and why you wanted to do it again?

Bob — Ya know, we came up with the idea because we have a great venue, which is our motorcycle track – that no other dealership in the country has. So we have that directly adjacent to all of our dealerships.

It’s the perfect place to have a concerts and events. Last year, when we had our one year anniversary of our Harley Davidson opening we decided to have a Biker Blast to commemorate it.

We decided to make it an annual event because bike week isn’t until March I believe, and it gives bikers a reason to get together and let their hair down.

AFM — So you have a lot of entertainment happening: stuntmen, a bikini contest, a performance from Gary Allen as well as the motorcycles. How did you go about picking what entertainment to bring to the event?

Bob — Well, for example, the bikini contest – that’s something Twin Peaks owns. Ya know, I’m a married man and my wife already told me I’m not allowed to be a judge. Because if I was a judge, she would win.

The School of Rock performance is something our PR director likes. Then the other stuff ya know, bikers like classic rock and that’s Grand Funk Railroad and then we got another set for people who like contemporary country and that’s Gary Allen.

Then we’re giving away a free motorcycle! Who doesn’t like a free motorcycle?

AFM — What are you most excited for?

Bob — I’m excited for the whole thing! I love seeing all of the people get together and coming together and raising money for the Phoenix Children’s hospital, last year we raised $38,000 and I believe we’re going to do more of that this year – it’s a wonderful, wonderful cause.

It’s one of the few events that caters to motorcycle riders. For example, in this event, although we charge for admission, if you are a motorcycle rider and you have a motorcycle endorsement on you ID, you and your passenger get in for free.

AFM — What made you want to make this event that supports specifically The Phoenix Children’s Hospital over another charity?

Bob — Well, the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, it’s a cause that touches us and is near and dear to us. It isn’t them over other charities. Unfortunately when it comes to making donations you’ve got to pick. Right?

So it’s not them opposed to others, we could only do one. They are the one we chose last year and are the one we support during Bike Week. We continue to support it because it’s all about the kids, that’s what we’re all about.

AFM — Do you have a goal in mind as far as how much you would like people to donate?

Bob — Last year we had $38,000, this year I would like to see $50,000. For it to get there I’m willing to help it a little.

AFM — What should people expect from this event that haven’t gone before?

Bob — They should expect to come here and have a wonderful time and be among kindred spirits. That’s the whole thing, a gathering of bikers. It isn’t too often that we do that, but when we do it’s a ruckus. That’s what they can expect, we’re going to have a lot of fun!

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