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This lack of winter weather has me heading straight for the gym. Why? Because I am now prematurely panicking about warm weather and therefore am prematurely panicking about how I will look in the skin-baring dresses, skirts, and bathing suits that come with said warm weather. If you are anything like me, then your get fit New Year’s resolution is presently running a bit behind schedule. With that said, the one thing that always gets me motivated is fashion—the kind I am presently freaking out over and the kind that belong in the gym.

Here are a few of the hottest get fit fashion must-haves:


We all know that Nike is one of the most famed athletic wear companies, but who knew they could prove to be one of the most fashionable as well? The designers have upped the activewear anti with ultra cool tights, geometric prints, and laidback style.



I also can’t get over their shoes. Yes we have all seen, talked about and probably owned a pair of Nike FREEs, but the their color options give you a reason to buy an entire wardrobe of running shoes.



I know that we talked about Lululemon just the other day, but they really do win when it comes to yoga wear. I mean if their website’s models don’t make you want to run to your nearest studio certainly their adorable striped ‘Free To Be Bra’ for hot yoga will.

At Nordstrom

Fan of running in the cool of the morning or evening? This The North Face ‘Tadasana’ jacket will not only insure your safety with its chic but vibrant color it will also keep you warm. The high-stretch material will give you the range of motion you need while flattering every curve.


Obsessed with Puma’s Fit Watch…the design is perfect for exercising and lunch with the girls. Of course that doesn’t justify the purchase so… it also is a heart rate monitor, exercise timer, and stores lots of data and up to 10 exercises.


Say goodbye to the big ugly duffel bag and hello to this sleek, sexy Stella Mccartney for Adidas large duffel. It has a variety of pockets and can even fit your tennis racquet if need be… Plus you can be sure that your man will accidently grab your bag instead of his on his way to the gym.

Well, I hope that these fabulous get fit items helped inspire you to get started and to get healthy!

By Kristianne Young

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