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J.Crew Ruffled Blouse

Sadly, an acquaintance and I were just remarking about the increasing number of denim mini skirts we saw last week at Phoenix Fashion week, add to that the increasing number of sparkly t-shirts and zip hoodies and one wonders will we ever again be a nation of people who “dress for success” or for that matter, even dress like we care. I am all for dressing to express, but it begs the question what are we trying to express?

I don’t mean to sound the hater bell but, I just simply cannot process the state of casualness that many an Arizonan has morphed into, hop on over to any mall on any weekend and you will get my drift.

The Gospel According to Chanel
The Gospel According to Chanel

I am currently reading the Gospel According to Chanel and I wonder how much Mademoiselle would have cringed at the state of affairs these days. She was a rebel in her own right and she liberated women of all ages from wearing the shapeless frocks, coats and teetering hats of the day. Interestingly it was so apropos that I should have simultaneously been watching The Rachel Zoe project on Monday night mid reading. (spoiler alert: if you have not seen your Tivo skip the next two sentences) While taking a break between the Paris shows, Ms Zoe was invited to view Coco’s own Parisian apartment above her famous Atelier. Not only did it bring the styling maven to a state of excited nausea but I too was shivering from the sight of it, all that history! And lets talk about the jacket…hello gorgeous! In any case with so many simple options and boutiques galore in our midst shouldn’t we relish in the opportunity to bring it up a notch for ourselves and teach our girls that dressing like a lady is not a crime. How about these fun ladylike options to add a little bit of luxe feeling to your season?

J.Crew Ruffle Blouse
J.Crew Ruffle Blouse - $89.50

J Crew has the most darling ruffled blouses for under $100 that will take you all the way through the season and even on to spring if you choose wisely.

Pink Tartan Pencil Skirts
Pink Tartan Pencil Skirts - $295

Pink Tartan made the most wonderful wool blend pencil skirts this season, and Banana Republic has some lovely skirt options of their own worth snatching up.

Maiello Bib Necklace from Aldo - $35
Maiello Bib Necklace from Aldo - $38
As noted previously a chunky stone and beaded necklace looks great with almost everything right now…from pencil skirts to fitted dresses and even boyfriend jeans. Aldo has the sweetest bib version that won’t break the bank!

Juicy Faux Fur Jacket with Bracelet Sleeves - $398
Juicy Faux Fur Jacket with Bracelet Sleeves - $398
A faux fur jacket just reeks of retro chic. Juicy Couture did a few but if you are penny wise you might want to stop in to your local vintage shop and snag a real one… it’s a good way to support local business while simultaneously being green!

  1. i need some new work skirts… sounds like scottsdale fashion square’s new banana republic will be getting my business next week 🙂

  2. Amen Diane. Trying to instill this philosophy on my teen, as an entire society sees fit to roam the streets, malls, etc. in slouch wear. I am just as guilty when too lazy to make the effort to run an errand…time to stop and take the extra minute or two to put something together that actually looks like an effort was made.

    Thank you for the reminder. And while we are all looking so fabulous, may we please remember to stand up straight?

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