How To Wear – Celebrity Trend White Skinny Jeans

Audrina Patridge in white jeans

Does it even bear mentioning how next to impossible it is to look presentable these dog days of summer? If you caught my recent gig with Maggie at the Biltmore for Haute Summer Nights, then you get my drift. If not, it was a fab evening of dishing out beauty and fashion tips, but that dreadful combination of heat, humidity and misters created the perfect storm onstage and no amount of blotting tissue was going to restore the hot mess that we were enveloped in.

I arrived in my usual black dress looking about as dark as midnight and Maggie so poised and graceful arrives like a cool breeze wearing an ever so crisp pair of white jeans, a fabulously fitted top, oversize stone necklace and gorgeous summer flats….in the words of Rachel Zoe…I die! Not a bead of sweat gracing her forehead while I seem to be depleting the Kleenex box at an astonishing rate.

This all brings me rather in a roundabout way to my decades long love/hate relationship with white…. I adore a good white blouse, skirt, tee, or jeans just as much as the next girl and this season – Hello skinny white jeans!

Audrina Patridge in white jeans
Audrina Patridge in Divine Rights of Denim white jeans

Everyone from Audrina Patridge to a pregnant Ellen Pompeo is sporting them as they look instantly pulled together and fresh but as a makeup artist I learned long ago that white + makeup kit = un-washable un-bleachable ground in chaos! It is against my better judgment to dip into this realm – but darn it all I am throwing caution to the wind! I mean, how about Cameron Diaz in that darling Valentino receiving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame??? I just drooled over that little lace number!

Cameron Diaz in Valentino receiving her star on the Walk of Fame
Cameron Diaz in Valentino receiving her star on the Walk of Fame

So if you are willing to take the plunge before we hit season’s end here are a few things to keep in mind:

Celebs wearing white jeans
Celebs wearing white jeans

White from head to toe looks dated (remember that Celine Dion mess when she tried the white tux thing?) but is au tre’ chic when paired with other neutrals like black, camel, navy, silver, gold etc.

White is not slimming – it may look body hugging fabulous on Emma Watson or Angelina but this is definitely the time to check your alter view in the 360 mirror!

Drapey white fabric is only going to enhance any bumpety spots so stick to slimmer cuts but not skin tight unless of course you are going for those stuffed sausage comments.

White shoes can also make those size 8’s look more like hooves than delicate tootsies so stick to slim heels and skinny straps. I highly recommend mixing it up with a neutral, metallic or a bright color like Cameron did. These Sam Edelmans are one of my fav summer sandals. Available at Amy, inc Scottsdale.

Sam Edelman sandals
Sam Edelman sandals

Be sure to ALWAYS wear nude- colored seamless undergarments to blend with the skin’s tone. White under white always shows VPL (visible panty lines)– so déclassé darling. Get yourself a great pair of Spanx or Commando’s

Seamless Commando panties
Seamless Commando panties

We’ve all been there and done that with Starbucks a time or two, pop a Tide stain stick in your bag it will be your best go-to buddy in an ooops! moment.

Tide- to- go stain fighter
Tide- to- go stain fighter


  1. White is my favorite with a great spray tan. Is it still the rule no white after Labor day? Whie should be year round thoughts?

  2. i really love cameron diaz’s dress!!!!! LOVE! i like skinny white jeans…but i don’t think i can pull them off.

  3. Yes, I’m curious as well, my friends and I do go back and forth on whether white is allowed after Labor Day. I think I would have a hard time pulling off my white jeans in September, but in AZ it makes sense and it will be hard to give them up, I love them! Great tips, particularly about the shoes!

  4. I love white jeans, I’m just not sure I could stuff enough Tide sticks in my handbag to this clumsy girl spotless!!!

  5. Almost bought a pair this weekend but refrained. I am so returning to department store land and snatching those bad boys up!

  6. I have always avoided white anything. I think a purse is my most daring. I don’t want to accentuate anything.

  7. Hey, it’s Arizona. We’re so laid back here with fashion…anything goes. White after Labor Day? When has it really been an issue here?

    1. Jane Labor Day is yours for the choosing… from a sweet little sundress, to the J Crew outfit that we posted a few weeks ago under Project Runway and More post. Technically it’s the last day of summer but in AZ we know othewiser, most importantly if you are outdoors …wear your sunscreen!

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