Barneys Trunk Show – The Row

After nearly ten years in my current home, I am in the process of moving to new digs. I had completely forgotten how simultaneously awful and fun moving could be. Though the packing part won’t ever top my list of favorite things to do, there is something entirely refreshing about going through your old bits and tossing those that you no longer need. It’s quite liberating! This time we are moving in what I would call a rather unconventional way…we didn’t hire movers or rent a moving van then cram it all in to one day of marathon chaos, instead because our schedules are somewhat over committed we have been moving “slowly” as my husband likes to call it. Pieces from this room, then that room etc. I will say this did make for a rather pleasant weekend sans arguments, but my biggest challenge right now is hunting down which house has the top or skirt or shoes I want to wear. And on today of all days when I will be in the midst of the Olsens at Barneys is not the best time to be rummaging through the goods to find what to wear.

This eve Barneys will be having a special ladies only event to benefit Suns Charities featuring a Preview of the Fall Collection of The Row. So what does one wear to an event such as this especially when Mary Kate and Ashley will be in the room? And even Simon Doonan?

This actually bringing to mind a flashback of when Barneys opened last Fall… everyone was a buzz about what to wear… by the time the opening was here I couldn’t care less about what to wear…I wonder if I will feel that way in a few hours? Either way one can’t go in jeans and flip flops.

Perhaps a New York casual vibe like this Theory jacket and pants?

Or maybe something super feminine like this Chloe silk georgette ruffled blouse worn under an edgy cool leather jacket by Rick Owens with jeans?

And these Chloe canvas and leather heels are just to die for… Did I mention that I absolutely adore the utilitarian heels this season?

Or these Diane Von Furstenburg wedge sandals. Neiman Marcus

Truly this Ashish slogan tee is more my speed and something I could live in everyday…comfy and chic but maybe not the thing to meet the O’ twins!

I also love some of the pieces that Nicole Richie is churning out with Winter Kate, sadly some of my favs are from the Fall collection and won’t be available for a few months…sigh.. but maybe for the next trunk show!

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