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Sometimes doesn’t it just feels like we are living in a “Juicy” world? Really, we are just spectators in the fab and opulent land of Pam and Gela. I recall back in the late 80’s when Juicy was the little engine that could company cranking out first the maternity jeans, then tee’s in the early 90’s then the infamous track suit that changed the fashion landscape forever.


I for one am not a big loungewear girl and if you read my fashion pet-peeves last week in the paper, I could certainly say that derriere signage a la “juicy” also lands in my irksome category, none the less I find the designer duo’s actual clothing to be captivating and yummy. Even better is the fact that these girls aren’t just arm candy lending a namesake… Pamela Skaist-Levy is a former costume designer, while best bud Gela Nash –Taylor a former actress with a flair for anything but the mainstream have made Juicy into a lifestyle brand that rocks…literally!

Gela Nash -Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy
Gela Nash -Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy

Aside from the oodles of cooler than you clothing, accessories, fragrances, baby strollers, maternity duds and canine couture this glam duo is launching (or uncaging) their next big thing – Bird by Juicy Couture. It’s a collection of tailored, vintage-inspired outerwear and clever knits. I for one am foaming at the bit in anticipation (if you caught last winters AFM spread featuring Juicy outwear you will know what I mean… let’s say green- with -coat envy!)

Bird Collection
Bird Collection

PML and GNT say the line is for them… not necessarily the mainstream …. And trust me if you have seen their homes and their own fantabulous closets… step back loves this is going to be divine! These girls are a smitten mix of English countryside, surfer chic, rock star wives, and punk princesses, the mere definition of cool! And yes you can make a fortune selling clothes that make other people look lazy… but if success spoils then these girls are the exception to the rule…. I have never understood how one has a full on staff, a sprawling English mansion and still retains their sense of street cred, but these two pull it off like magic.

The Taylors English Estate
The Taylors English Estate

The dynamic duo’s inspiration comes from everywhere – royals to surfers, Tibetan jewelry, Native American headdresses and English eccentrics. This is for the girl that has grown up from the track suits to a more polished and exclusive wardrobe. The collection is composed of 30 pieces all priced between $150-$300 and will be sold exclusively at their retail boutiques and online at http://www.juicycouture.comjuicy-couture-bird-collection

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