Trend: Chunky Shoes

Trends tend to cycle themselves in and out throughout the years. If you are very keen on fashion history, or trend history, or just extremely observant you’ll notice similar styles, colors, shapes, lengths etc. that pop up every few years or seasons.

One such trend is the chunky shoe. Now, though this trend has been reintroduced to the masses several times, it isn’t always a good one… Consider the vast difference between the cool platform shoes of the 1960s and 70s and the chunky Sketcher sneakers of the 90s.

This time around, however, it seems that the shoes have shed both the retro and the unfortunate for a cool new chic look.

These Steve Madden ‘schoolz’ sandals have a gladiator vibe to them and would look just amazing with the perfect summer maxi and lots of bangles.

Jeffrey Campbell ‘icy’ platform wedges scream edgy fashion girl with their sky-high lucite heel. A leather jacket is a must with these beauties.

Boots can probably be described as innately chunky, but no one can do it quite like the Queen of Chunky Shoes herself, Rachel Zoe. Her “Elliot” boots are on another level.

Jeffrey Campbell also makes chunky shoes fun to wear with his camo ‘zomg’ platform sneakers… we are in love

By Kristianne Young

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