Tiffany & Co. Wins April Fools With Surprise Diamond-Encrusted Sneakers

Photo: Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. took its fans by surprise on April Fools this year by faking the launch of a new pair of diamond-encrusted high top sneakers dubbed “the Tiffany and Co. Facet.”

The jewelry company announced their “latest creation” on April 1 with an Instagram video introducing the spectacular sneakers, revealing that each shoe boasts over 17,000 diamonds totaling over 1,837 carats that were hand set by master artisans. The make-believe pair also features thick gray soles with Tiffany-blue detailing, gray laces and diamond-encrusted velcro closures.

Tiffany & Co. wrote in the caption: “Ushering in a new category for the House, the sneaker is an homage to our vast diamond heritage.”

While the launch of the bedazzled sneaker was just a prank, the idea of diamond-centered shoewear isn’t too far fetched following the recent Tiffany & Co. x Nike collaboration for the Air Force 1, coming soon.

This also isn’t the first prank that Tiffany & Co. has pulled on April Fools. Last year, the brand joked about the launch of its own cryptocurrency, the TiffCoin, which ultimately became 18-karat gold coins without monetary value that were released for a limited time. The year before, Tiffany & Co. announced that it would be changing its signature color from Tiffany Blue to Tiffany Yellow. While that didn’t happen, the jewelry company did launch a temporary Tiffany Yellow marketing campaign for its Rodeo Drive location.

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