The Hottest Summer Fashion Accessories for 2021

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As summer comes into full heat, it’s time to start dressing up and heading out. When it comes to accessorizing this summer, there are some definite trends that you shouldn’t miss. Whether you’re having a casual time with your friends, heading into the office with a fresh new look, or hitting the town for a fancy event, you can find the hottest accessories here.

The Classics: Pearls and Sustainable Bling

A major trend in 2021 accessories is sticking to the classics. This means that to stay stylish every day, you should look to the lasting trends that have been around for not just years, but decades. For example, a chic pair of pearl earrings or simple pendant necklace can add a bit of glam and a lot of class to a casual outfit. For several years, these have been reliable and fashionable ways to accessorize, and 2021 trendy accessories are proving to be no exception. A good rule of thumb for casual accessories is to see if the piece will work just as well with your relaxed weekend look as it would with an outfit for work.

A major contributor to the accessories trends in 2021 is the concept of ethical fashion, especially for everyday wear. This means that the accessories – including jewelry, bags, and consumable products – are fairly and sustainably sourced, produced, and distributed. 

Pops of Color, Gemstones and Shimmer

These fancy soirees are the talk of the town, and your accessories can say a lot. For many years, black has been the go-to color for dresses and outfits (and, of course, ties) at these events. These days, a popular 2021 accessories trend is to pair the more subdued or predictable black with a pop of color, such as shimmering gold trim on a dress or jewelry featuring green or pink gemstones.

Of course, since the chunky jewelry has become more part of the professional office look in the past few years, it’s best to keep these accessories on the smaller side. However, what the pieces may lack in size, they usually more than make up for in shimmer and shine. 

Bold, Chunky Pieces

Anyone who has worked in a professional setting knows that dressing professionally actually requires so much more than just office outfits. In fact, the way that you accessorize your work clothes can actually change the entire mood and reception of the outfit. For instance, a blouse and blazer are a staple around the office, but when you add elegant and well-chosen accessories to the mix, you can keep your look fresh and updated without overhauling your whole wardrobe.

In 2021, accessories like colorful and chunky jewelry are a popular choice, since these bold pieces can change the look and feel of the whole professional outfit. For this reason, bolder accessories are taking their place in office outfits. You can expand the depth of your professional wardrobe by adding variety to your accessories, and by opting for bolder, chunkier pieces that carry the look in different directions.

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