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After spending majority of my Sunday tackling mounds of paperwork and sifting through boxes full of makeup samples I decided that a little downtime was in order. Unfortunately after a sleepless night I just couldn’t drag myself up to primp or even put on shoes for that matter, so I did the next best thing- dig out a good little piece of chick lit. In all of my sorting I realized that there were at least three little tomes that lay there half unread.

Gilding Lily would be my poison of choice, the surprisingly delightful paperback about Lilly Bartholomew the NY journalist turned socialite girlfriend then wife of the much coveted fairy tale catch Robert. Lily then navigates the ups and down of motherhood, kiddie parties, mother- in -law woes and the shark infested waters of NY’s uptown society. This book is pure fun and a great weekend read when you want to escape, but for me soon after my page turning, it was back to reality…. If you can call the world of fashion and beauty reality… In any case I have been so busy writing about NY Fashion Week (and there are more reviews to come this week) that I haven’t had the chance to mention other style happenings over the last few days.

Speaking of NY in case you have been trapped in a dark closet somewhere Sara Jessica Parker recently launched her latest fragrance SJP NYC. The strawberry/gardenia scented eau de parfum marks the third in an arsenal of yummy scents. Packaged in a whimsical yet bold flacon, this fragrance captures the reminiscences of Parker and her alter ego character Carrie Bradshaw’s New York. Still as feminine, it’s a departure from her well mannered original Lovely and the bold Covet. Fans of Parker and the upcoming SATC2 will no doubt be clamoring for a little NYC this week as the scent hits counters nationwide.

On and off the runways last week the lip color of the moment was siren red. Celebs like Kate Bosworth sported the shade perfectly at the Calvin Klein after party proving that some shades never go out of style. I love to do this look using just a lip pencil topped with clear gloss for guaranteed staying power. Dianne Brill makes the most amazing pencil shade called Chiffon Garters and one of favorite red lipsticks Red Seam.

And if your gal pals thought you were hallucinating when you swore you might have caught a glimpse of Rihanna this past weekend… don’t worry luv you haven’t gone batty, you just caught a peek of her celebrating her 22nd year with BF (or just F as she swears in the tabloids) Matt Kemp. Her and hunky LA Dodger boy toy have been jet setting as of late before the Spring training festivities start up and Mr Kemp decided to roll out the red carpet for his lovely lady over the weekend to make up for the tragic 21st birthday from last year. I hear the menu was a feast of Caribbean food with plenty of dancing to follow though who the dancing was performed by…remains blogger fodder.

And of course this week ushers in the newly named Waste Management Phoenix Open. Can I even express how I dread having to say that name over and over offense WM guys but it just simply doesn’t roll off the tongue and I fear that because this year is the 75th Anniversary we will be hearing it more times than we have heard about Lindsey Vonn’s crash on the slopes in Torino. In any case stay tuned tomorrow for what to wear to this weeks events!

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