Style Experts Predict These 6 Fashion Trends Will Dominate This Year

Valentino x Pantone Pink PP Collection Fall/Winter 2022–23 gives Barbiecore Vibes

Online fashion retailer Boohoo has announced its top six fashion predictions for the year. From leather jackets and cowboy boots to bubblegum pink dresses and metallic bodysuits, infusing these six trends into your personal wardrobe will transform you into the ultimate fashion trendsetter. 

Biker Girl 

Pairing an oversized leather jacket with a simple red dress is the perfect way to introduce the “biker girl” style into your wardrobe. This look mixes feminine silhouettes with a boxy grunge-style look. Celebrity fashion icons Sydney Sweeny and Hailey Beiber are often spotted walking the streets of Beverly Hills showcasing their leather “biker girl” outfits. 

Boohoo found that searches for “leather pants” averaged 129,000 times a month. The term “biker jacket” increased in searches by 101% over the past 90 days and searches for “biker boots” increased by 165% in the past month. 

Cargo Couture

Deep-pocketed cargo pants are the perfect mix of comfort and fashion. Cargo couture provides the ultimate baggy silhouette for any fashion look. Boohoo found that searches in the U.S. for “cargo pants” are an average of 306,000 times per month in America. The search for “cargo skirt” increased by 123%, proving the popularity of the trend. 


Making a comeback from the early 2000s, this girly aesthetic is perfect for those who love preppy, bold and bright clothing. This trend centers around bubblegum pink and fuchsia colors inspired by the feminine aesthetic. With Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie set to hit cinemas on July 21, this trend is expected to inspire an increase in hot-pink outfits. 

Flashy Metallics

While the holiday season is over, flashy metallics and sequins are sticking around all year long. The sparkly style became a recent obsession on the social media platform, TikTok. Boohoo found that the hashtag #metallicoutfits reached over 529,000 views and the hashtag #silveroutfit surpassed over three million views on the platform. Not only are fashion lovers buying silver and gold pieces, but they are purchasing metallic soft violet and baby blue metallic pieces as well. 

Cowboy Core 

Incorporating western-style accessories into your wardrobe adds a classy southern flare to your wardrobe. Whether adding a pair of statement cowboy boots, a studded suede vest or an oversized plaid shirt, you are sure to stand out. 

While performing, Harry Styles inspired his fans to wear “cowboy core” as he wore colorful cowboy hats and feather boas on stage. Boohoo found that the search term ‘cowgirl hat’ rose by 117%. 

Playful Professional 

Finding a style that suits your lifestyle is a great way to stay classy and stylish both in and out of the office. “Outfit of the Day” TikTok videos of users showing off their playful blazers and two-piece suits raised in popularity. Boohoo found that the hashtag #blazeroutfit surpassed 320.8 million views on the social media platform.

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