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Letter from the Owner – Jennifer Paige Boonlorn

Soul Carrier is a luxury collection of women’s handbags sold at high-end resorts and spas such as Four Seasons, Silver Oak Winery, Eau Palm Beach, Marriott, Hyatt, Fairmont, and the like (you can view the full list here). 

I started my company with the mission to ask everyone I meet the question “Where Do You Want To Go!?”, you see that question was the last question my mother would ever ask of me moments before our family’s SUV flipped over in a tire blow out, taking the lives of my parent’s lives, back when I was a junior in college.

I want to ask everyone that question while encouraging them to listen to their SOUL to find the answer. 

– Jennifer Paige Boonlorn, owner and founder of Soul Carrier

You can learn more about me and Soul Carrier on these two podcast interviews:

The Atlas Leather Face Mask

The Atlas Mask by Soul Carrier is handcrafted from the same fine leather used in the production of the handbags.  Repurposing leather from their various lines, we have created these stunning pieces of facial art to help protect while making a bold statement.

Each mask features a removable filter (two included), and is finished with classic Soul Carrier branding.  The adjustable elastic straps and a metal slider allow for an excellent fit.   

The Essentialist Collection

Soul Carrier is a huge advocate of essentialism. Essentialism, as defined by New York Times Best Selling Author, Greg McKeown, “is a systematic discipline for discerning what is absolutely essential, then eliminating everything that is not, so we can make the highest possible contribution towards the things that really matter.”

Boonlorn was inspired to create a collection of sophisticated handbags that carries your daily essentials with style and grace while also being practical and convenient.

This collection features five styles that include a bucket bag, back pack, a small duffle bag, clutch and coin purse. Made from subtle-full-grain leather, as well as speckled cowhide and buttery-rich velvet liners. Their handbags are sure to please both the fashionista, as well as those looking for every day functionality.

True North Collection

The True North collection is composed of four timeless bag silhouettes: a tote, a messenger, a small satchel and a sleek clutch. This collection skews to a modern and clean aesthetic and is composed out of luxurious leather, cowhide, and gold hardware. The inspiration behind this collection stems from the last question Jennifer’s mother would ever ask her – Where do you want to go!?  Jennifer believes your soul is your internal compass, a guide for your journey throughout life.

Your True North is where YOU want to go in life, the values YOU stand for, and the goals YOU want to accomplish. Following your True North means you serve your soul over being a slave to the noisy demands of the world. Will you choose to be authentic and follow your soul?

Will you take the journey to your True North or will you cave to what other people want you to be!? Where do YOU want to go!?

For information on Soul Carrier and to shop these collections, visit:

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