Models Showcase Looks From the Runway to the Subway at Sao Paulo Fashion Week

Runway haute couture was brought to the mainstream subway kicking off Sao Paulo Fashion Week last week.

Models riding the Brazilian city’s subway in eccentric makeup were outfitted in some of the most memorable designs from seasons past in celebration of Sao Paulo Fashion Week’s 15th anniversary.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 12.46.24 AM
AFP/Nelson Almedia

Occasionally stopping to showcase the looks to the public at different subway stations, photographers and fashionistas alike followed the traveling fashion show through its 14-kilometer (about 9 miles) ride next to daily commuters.

Reuters/Paulo Whitaker

Sao Paulo Fashion Week Director Paulo Borges said that the idea was to demonstrate how fashion transcends boundaries.

“Fashion for me has this function of showing where it can travel. It can go anywhere. It can travel outside the halls of Sao Paulo Fashion Week. It can travel inside Rio Tiete. It can go inside a museum. It can go in the middle of the street. It can be in the subway. And this is the idea, to mix fashion and the subway and the people in the subway. This is to show that fashion doesn’t have this barrier and that everything is a question of image and perception,” Borges told Reuters.

Sao Paulo Fashion Week wrapped up its Winter 2014 collections November 1.

Check out a video of the one-of-a-kind fashion show through Brazil’s subways below:

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