Rent the Runway Unlimited is a Netflix Subscription Service for Accessories

Rent The Runway has unveiled a new unlimited monthly subscription service that’s solely focused on designer accessories.

For $75 per month, subscribers to Rent The Runway Unlimited can choose three designer accessory items to rent and return with no return-by date, while also building a effervescent queue of covet-worthy accessories. For instance, when you’re sick of that trendy Moschino McDonalds handbag (yes, this is actually one of the items available), return it and Rent the Runway Unlimited will automatically send you the next item lined up in your queue.

This process might remind you of Netflix’s bygone DVD rental service, whereby customers could add to a queue of rotating films indefinitely.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 11.16.06 PM

Rent the Runway Chief Executive Jennifer Hyman told Fortune that she wants to eradicate the wastefulness of the fast fashion industry and replace it with high-quality designer rentals through RTR Unlimited.

“Fast fashion is the junk food of the industry,” Hyman said. “Because of our obsession globally with consumption, but also the aspiration to be in style and in fashion, we’ve been primed to buy all these things that end up falling apart.”

Rent the Runway Unlimited has enlisted 75 new designers, including Clare Vivier, Elizabeth & James and Balenciaga, to provide jewelry, handbags, scarves, outerwear and more for the service. Rent the Runway proper will still take care of the designer dresses it’s known for.

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