Phoenix’s Newest Sneaker Store – Many Worlds, has opened!

Many Worlds, the newest Phoenix-based sneaker store, is announced its grand opening for August 8th at 11 a.m. The store, located at 4524 N. 7th Street, is centrally located in Phoenix and will carry more than 500 exclusive sneakers at any given time, offering selections for all ages and styles.

Many Worlds will occupy 1,500 square feet and have a maximum occupancy of 50 people. Separating itself from other sneaker stores in the area, the store will provide Arizona with its first professional sneaker drop-off cleaning service.

The storefront will include an infinity mirror that will be any sneaker lover’s photo opp dream and with the launch of its own Many Worlds clothing line customers will have first dibs to purchase the merchandise in-store. 

The store’s owner, Steve Grear, came up with the name of the store while listening to a podcast on the Many Worlds Theory of quantum mechanics which, in short, states that many worlds exist in parallel in the same space and time as our own. The sneaker connoisseur naturally began thinking about popular shoes, and how they exist in so many different lives around the world.

The idea stuck with him and Many Worlds sneaker store was born.

“This has been a long time coming,” said Grear, the 43-year-old Arizona native. “We have postponed the grand opening multiple times already so now that we are actually opening, it’s super exciting.”

Grear is also the owner and creator of the ultimate shoe cleaner, Reshoevn8r. Over the last decade, he’s been recognized for having one of the top shoe cleaning solutions, featuring his patented sneaker laundry kit aimed at creating an easier and more efficient shoe cleaning experience.

For Grear, featuring this sneaker drop-off cleaning service inside of Many Worlds was a no brainer and clear game-changer.

Many Worlds has widened the gap between the competition not only with its unique store setup but with its intentional proximity to Reshoevn8r’s corporate office, where its YouTube studio is. Fans of the Reshoevn8r brand – which has more than a million YouTube subscribers – will have the opportunity to meet brand ambassador Vick Almighty and possibly get a tour of the building.

Many worlds will not only be a home for sneaker lovers to grab new kicks, revamp old favorites, but in due course become go-to spot for the shoe industry on the West Coast.

It is important to note Many Worlds will be abiding by social distancing guidelines and require all customers to wear masks upon entering. It will allow 10 customers at a time and provide hand sanitizer for their use as well.

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About Many Worlds
Many Worlds is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and is set to open in August 2020. Many Worlds is owned by Steve Grear, the owner, and creator of Reshoevn8r. Many Worlds will feature exclusive sneakers, its own clothing line, offer drop-off shoe cleaning services, and will serve as a location for future, local events and charity drives for the community.

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