NYFW – Oscar, Calvin and Ralph

So we have sifted through the good, the bad and the un-wearable and now we move on to some of the all time legends of fashion. It never ceases to amaze me how some designers can create great show-stopping pieces that work on the runway but not at all for real life, and others can design for decades and still their clothes appeal to women of all ages, shapes and sizes. For me that is the mark of a true genius and Oscar de la Renta fits the bill perfectly.

About halfway through his collection of 60 looks I’m pretty sure that I gasped in delight at the amazing dresses coming down the runway, from the garden inspired fabrics, to the retro-modern jackets and elegant gowns from slim and filmy to billowy and big I didn’t want the show to end. I was especially smitten with the ruffles, rich textures and voluminous shapes that seemed to be endless…in a dreamy sort of way of course. And the color palette which was seamlessly strewn together had shades of red, green, orange, celadon, blush and neutrals in black, white and tan strewn so seamlessly together that prove this man knows exactly what he’s doing!

Rarely do you see simplicity done as well as it was done for Calvin Klein. Francisco Costa created such modern, minimal and lush line using only four colors, black, white, red and blue… and don’t even get me started on the tailoring…have I mentioned how I get weak in the knees for a really well constructed frock? Fabric choices like silk twill and satin crepe were elevated even beyond their normally chic level to become. Simultaneously relaxed and austere.

And lets not forget Ralph Lauren, as with every season Lauren remains a steadfast, creating sexy wearable garments influenced by the staples of Americana. The season it’s the wild west, with it touches of fringe, pioneer lace, big concho belts, Navajo blanket wool and leathers that say va-voom. This is the kind of RL show I remember in the days when every boy in high school wore a disgusting amount of Polo cologne. I for one was estatic to see these looks come back from the past with a sexy modern update. And before you think that these details are only for the Annie Oakley’s or Georgia Okeefe’s of the bunch I can see these pieces being worn from LA to Connecticut.at ladies who lunch events and even It girls on the red carpet.

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