New Scottsdale-Based Apparel Brand, Liv’s House, Brings Positivity & Intention to Fashion 

ASU graduate Olivia Jones has always had a passion for creativity and clothing and the desire to be a positive force for others. Recently, she combined her love for design with her background in fashion and business to launch her Scottsdale-based apparel brand, Liv’s House—a celebration of all the things that make up who she is and what she hopes to share with the world. 

“What the brand grew into really is just my personality and my personal style,” Jones shares. “I love colors, I love the positive messages, I love letting people express themselves for exactly who they are, and so everything that I did just aligned with who I am and what I believe in.”

At Liv’s House, everything is made to order and in small batches, offering a sustainable solution to overconsumption and overproduction and other ethical issues within the fashion industry, while designing pieces that are beautiful, fun and full of personality. 

As a child, Jones dreamed of living in a castle or mansion filled with colors, positivity and exciting designs. Today, Liv’s House realizes that dream as a place where everyone is welcome and encouraged to express themselves for who they truly are through bright-colored apparel, uplifting messages and high-quality pieces designed to spread joy, inspiration and authenticity. 

“I wanted to take this vision of my grown up house and make it my clothing brand . . . just wanting to be super inviting and welcoming to all people, and that kind of became the basis for the brand,” says Jones. 

While Jones always had the life-long dream to create a clothing brand one day, it was during her time at college that she began bringing those ideas to life. Jones graduated from Arizona State University in 2022, where she majored in business, Spanish language & culture and fashion, earned a certificate in international business and completed a branding and fashion-focused thesis as a member of Barrett, The Honors College. Upon graduating, she worked in operations for a local clothing company and now works full-time in paid media for a nationwide retailer.

“I was making clothes for another company, so I thought, ‘If I can do this, I can do this for myself as well,’ and I just realized that I didn’t want to be one of the people who wakes up one morning . . . and realizes that you never did what you wanted to have done when you were young,” says Jones. 

“So, I decided on my 22nd birthday that I wasn’t going to let this be a someday dream; I’m going to get started now, obviously hoping that everything goes well . . . and gets to be bigger than I ever could have imagined, but I just wanted to do it so that I knew for myself that I had chased those dreams,” she adds.

A year later, Jones launched Liv’s House on her 23rd birthday with the release of the brand’s Housewarming Collection, which offers mixable, matchable sweat sets, ranging from hoodies, crewnecks and pants to shorts andhats, as well as a selection of home goods products that all feature bold colors, fun graphics and positive statements. Jones designed each item herself, finding inspiration from things she loves at the moment, while hoping to spread the message of embracing your dreams and the idea that there is only one “you.” 

“I want to encourage people to embrace themselves, embrace each other, spread sunshine and live with intention–that’s our mission, that’s our goal,” says Jones. “I feel like a lot of times, nowadays especially, people feel like they need to fall into certain categories, fall into certain aesthetics, or fall into following this trend or that trend, and I really want people to find what feels true to themselves by wearing things that make them happy, doing things that make them happy and choosing things for themselves for who they are, making statements, wearing those bright colors, and not being afraid to do so.”

Liv’s House is currently online with plans to partner with local boutiques, as well as open pop-ups in some local areas in the future. Shop the brand’s newest collection and learn more by visiting

Photos courtesy Liv’s House

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