MIlan Fashion Week Review – Dolce & Gabbana

Ever since my first awareness of Dolce and Gabbana the brand has been about one thing to me…Sophia Loren. Every season, every runway show all I see is Sophia… pure Italian Bombshell, the undeniable sex appeal, the fitted black, leopard, lace and print dresses bustiers and the like. Whatever the piece, each season I ran through the lexicon in my head of Sophia movies.

Well this season is no different, except for one thing…. The vegetable prints. Yes you heard it correctly. I admit I am not one to wear many prints. And though I may have pulled the Stella bananas, the Cavalli animal/tie dyes and a variety of Prada tropical prints for photo shoots, I for one have a challenge wearing them myself… at least anytime past 1991. So this begged the question….Have I ever seen Sophia wearing vegetable prints? The answer..…not that I can recall, but I am sure even these tomatoes, peppers and eggplants would make her think twice about it. In fact, it seemed that the whole antipasti tray was present. A salute of course to any good Italian lifestyle. After all, if you are Italian it is your job to eat.

In fact Stefano and Domenico cut these gorgeous full- skirted dresses to such 1960’s perfection that even I could look past la cucuina delights straight to the gorgeousness of the garments. These are for the die-hard D&G fans that know that even on a bad day you can’t help but feel like a star. Of course along with the veritable garden appeared the requisite fitted black dresses, skirts and midriff bearing combos that put the modern Italian siren back on the map. Some pieces with beading, some in lace and even some done in amber vinyl (definitely not for Arizona) but intriguing nonetheless. There were also beaded and eyelet confections with embroidered details in pastels that just screamed of ladylike sophistication while not abandoning the sex appeal. The collection wrapped up with classic cocktail numbers that were beaded in all manner of firework shades.

And of course the accessories were over the moon. Who can resist a good strappy heel? Or a lacy cage shoe? It’s that juxtaposition of feminine and fatale that makes Dolce & Gabbana stunning very time. And lets not forget the bags, there were just about every kind to delight including a myriad of frame bags and cocktail bags in woven leathers, cane and crocodile along with a few plumes thrown in for good measure. All in all the collection is as it should be pure siren.

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