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London Fashion Week Fit For A Lady

As we continue our week of reviews for London Fashion Week I must admit that I am truly impressed with the collections so far. It is like an enormous feast for my eyes—the prints, the colors, the silhouettes…truly impeccable. I will be honest; I’m no expert in the field of British fashion, but many of these collections are surely fit for even the fanciest of teas. Sadly tea is not part of my daily routine here in the U.S., but who says I can’t wear the likes of Erdem, Antonio Braid, and Temperley to my favorite coffee house for an iced grande sugar-free vanilla soy latte with the girls?

Some of Erdem’s designs did in fact see U.S. soil this year as Britain’s newest royal Kate Middleton sported several pieces during her North American tour. Watching the ladylike looks from Erdem’s spring 2012 collection make their way down the catwalk leaves no doubt as to why Erdem has found a fan in Ms. Middleton.

The pretty floral prints, inspired by tropical exotica and banal old wallpapers, found themselves on innocent off-the-shoulder dresses and pleated skirts. However, Erdem’s intentions weren’t entirely innocent as he told reviewer Tim blanks, “Seen and unseen” were the designer’s words to acknowledge clothes that, for all their seeming decorum, were “more undressed, more décolleté, more skin, nape, and spine” than ever before. Maximum use of Sophie Hallette’s lace meant that dresses had the revealing lightness of lingerie. It reached its fullest flowering with sheer lace evening dresses lined in nude organza.

Temperley London is yet another British label that has found favor with royalty, well as royal as you can get without actually being royalty—Pippa Middleton was seen wearing an Alice Temperley design the evening of the Royal Wedding.

Though Temperley is worthy of a royal bash the spring 2012 collection may be more ideally suited for a scene in Rear Window or High Society adorning the beautiful Grace Kelly. The opening look set the tone with an ivory, silk floor-length floral gown, the head wrap and movie star sunglasses completing the look. Neutrals were a main staple with a splash of navy and powder blue.

I have saved the best for last… at least in my opinion. The colors at Antonio Beradi were nothing short of striking. White was transformed into gleaming pearl, red the color of ruby, and Christmas tree green and I will say that my descriptions of these colors do them no justice! My favorite pieces were the orange floral kimono-inspired dress and who doesn’t love a heavily beaded pant? Or at least love when Beradi does a beaded pant? Other features included armor-esque panels, fun coil-like heels, and beaded jackets.

By Kristianne Young


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