Ken Downing Presents Neiman Marcus Spring 2013 Trend Report

Last Friday, a stylish crowd gathered in the Neiman Marcus Couture Salon at Scottsdale Fashion Square for a Spring Trends Fashion Show. The posh event— The Book was on every seat, champaign served in dazzling glasses, and delicious mini horderves and desserts—was hosted by Neiman Marcus Fashion Director Ken Downing. The runway, floral arrangements, and even the waiters’ and waitresses’ ties were all an ode to Downing’s favorite color trend of the season—orange.


Neiman Marcus customers, yes, but Ken Downing fans as well, ladies were prepared to impress the charming and charismatic Fashion director with their ( and his) favorite orange accessory—the orange handbag.


Downing interacted with the crowd and models as he presented his top picks for the Spring and Summer season, explaining looks from head to toe.


“Orange is the new neutral.” I bet you never expected to hear that, though Downing never ceases to surprise and challenge us. In such a case, you can’t be afraid to pair orange with orange or orange with any other color for that matter. This orange jacket and dress combination was by far one of our favorite looks. The pile of turquoise necklaces adds extra wow factor (if that’s possible) and Mr. Fashion Director demands, or should I say commands us all to wear more than one necklace at a time this season.


Cool blues were up next on our to-do list. Mix and match with other blues and most definitely pair with white. How amazing is this blue one-shoulder dress and neon shoe ensemble? I didn’t know two pops of color could exist in the same look.


Downing also encouraged the crowd to match stripes with stripes. Often we think to mix and match every other pattern except for stripes. So try something like this vertical striped jacket with horizontal striped skirt.


Then there were the “duh moments” like white on white on white… “But Ken we can never do it as well as you do…”


One look we are dying to try is the caftan over a pair of pastel skinnies! It is double comfort heaven… and we get to look like a summer goddess doing it! Oh and we can’t forget the face-framing earrings (looks like our ear lobe saving studs have to go).


One of the final looks was this way too cool black and white and pearls, and studs, and amazing glasses masterpiece. The crowd wasn’t sure whether they should applaud or look on in silent awe… there was one “woo.”


At the end of the show Downing stayed to mingle with the crowd. Oh and if you were lucky he even went shopping with you. I kid you not!

If you want to get on board with all the hottest Spring Trends from the Ken Downing Spring 2013 Trend Report head on over to Neiman Marcus at Scottsdale Fashion Square where you can find everything we shared and much much more!!

Oh yeah… And be sure to check back SOON for our one-on-one interview with Mr. Downing where he dishes on his recent trip to China and what his favorite manicure of the season is (any guesses?).

Post and Photos by Kristianne Young

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