Jessica Simpson Has a Brand New Bag

Who can ever forget the infamous question asked of Nick Lachey by his then “Newlywed” Jessica… is this chicken? I mean I know it’s tuna but is this chicken? Having spent a wee amount of time with Mr Lachey and his then main squeeze Vanessa I can tell you for a star he is a regular guy to the fullest so, I can only imagine that the dumfoundedness that cameras captured on his mug was as sincere as sincere can be.


Ever since then Ms Jessica has been branded a rather well… less than Eistein-ish type of gal, in fact she has hit a bit of a rocky road over the year-criticism about her weight, her arrival on the don’t- wear- these- high -waisted jeans list, a dismal selling country record and a very public dumping from her Romolisious beau, but maybe she’s not so air- up- there empty after all. This season she’s gotten the green light for a new reality show on VH1 called ‘Do You Know” chronicling the extremes that women will go to in order to feel beautiful and you may have read in Glamour mag that her hugely successful fashion line is projected to earn around $450 million (yes as much as major tour de force brands like DKNY) not too bad for girl who has been the mainstay fodder of bubble -head jokes.


We all know that most celeb designers just lend their name to a line and collect a hefty paycheck at the end of the year, but this girl has learned a thing or two about what people like and she has no problem giving it to them. You need a little hair endowment…. some bangs or a long pony….here ya go clip- ons courtesy of her collaboration with Ken Paves (they are not too shabby I might add as many a sparse stranded moment has been covered up by a Jessica Hairdo in the pages of AFM)


And how about those shoes? Strangely comfy and darn cute the footwear line ranges from demure flats to all out sexy anything but wallflower heels. I too have been known to sport a Simpson heel on more than one occasion to rave reviews!jessicasimpsonshoes

Add to that the handbags that often look as expensive as “real” designer brands or the accessories that women seem to gobble up like candy.

Fall Collection

So perhaps the joke is on us and this thought to be vacant blonde is really smarter than your average bombshell!

As noted check out more of Simpsons travel happy luggage and cosmetic cases at or Macy’s stores

  1. I didn’t know she had handbags in her line too. I will have to check them out, my fall clothing budget will be minimal this year so maybe JS’s items will be a good fit.

  2. I’m a huge fan of her shoe line— it’s comfortable, sexy and affordable… and now I’m obsessed with the handbag, i want it!!!

  3. i dont understand how she is the host of a show about people going to rather sad lengths to reach beauty liek hers, it seems a bit iron to have her parade around the globe, seeming to be against the plight of women mutilating themselves to look loike, well… HER. its weird.

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