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Let’s just say this week there has been a lot of baby and wedding talk in my life… not pertaining to me of course… on either count, but rather colleagues, friends and strangers, so I have been a little bit off the rails distracted (in a good way) with a few really fun websites.

Working in the fashion and beauty biz in AZ means that just about every wedding is a big affair and frankly it’s sometimes refreshing to see really sweet quirky and quaint weddings instead of anything elaborate. Just two days ago I was told about the site having never heard of it I was super- curios and I must say it did not disappoint. The site is filled with darling DIY ways to make your dream wedding a reality when you don’t want to break the bank. The photos are often ethereal and I find myself wishing that I was on the guest list to Suzy and Tom or Mary and Dicks weddings. The site is a DIY dream and lists used wedding dresses for sale…something that many a bride would frown upon, but for others it’s the perfect solution to having the day of you always wanted without re-mortgaging your digs.

Then there’s this site is so much fun to look at that I found myself wanting to renew my vows just so I could steal a few of these ideas. The real weddings on the site are broken down into categories so there is something for everyone. And let’s not even go into all the amazing invitations, floral and décor …. It seriously had me thinking my next career would be as a wedding planner just so I could live out these ideas.

If your idea of the perfect day is splashed with whimsy, don’t even get me started on This site makes my heart go aflutter with all their real wedding ideas. The suggestions are simple and inviting and for those all out crafty girls this is the place for you. I myself did a myriad of things for my wedding from creating the handmade paper invitations (complete with rose petals) to the herbed olive oil dipping sauces and the bouquets and corsages, after my florist skipped town with our dough that is, but we got more compliments on my silk wrapped handmade bouquets that I would have ever imagined.

So if you are yearning for an intimate, personal day flecked with signature tokens of you, check out these sites before you seal the deal.

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