Golden Globes Worst Dressed Celebrities

Tina Fey

As noted previously, for the most part celebrities (and their styling teams) really pulled out all of the stops on Sunday night for the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards. I for one was so happy to see A-listers embracing more color, softer makeup and glamorous hair. In fact with the exception of a few misses, I would say that the Hollywood hair and makeup teams were nothing less than stellar. Kate Hudson Penelope Cruz, Vera Farminga and Sandra Bullock all looked like sheer perfection in the makeup department. There were as always some “what were they thinking?” moments where the wardrobe was concerned.

Mariah Carey

Once again Mariah Carey never shys away from a little cleavage action and honestly her plunging black number made her look a bit top heavy…miraculous that she was able to stay upright!


Normally I would applaud Cher for marching to her own beat and I could possibly even forgive the dress considering her long outlandish love affair with costumes, but something about the hair, ghostly makeup and dress together sent the entire thing over the edge. The magnificent Cher has become her own impersonator (okay no hate mail please..I still heart her)

Jennifer Aniston

While we’re talking about black dresses I have to mention Jennifer Aniston once again. I know, I know she is the quintessential California girl and I will say her face and hair were flawless, but there is just something so forced about that slit up the her hipbones dress. And it seems that whenever there is a slump or a big breakup Ms Jennifer feels the need to show off more of that perfectly toned and tanned bod. Well, Jen, we get it… you are hot!

Tina Fey

There were certainly a few more flubs like Tina Fey in the frilly Zac Posen, “cute” dress, funny woman… but together it was like oil and water. Another miss in my book was the pink meringue Diane Kruger look…she’s gorgeous and normally has a great sense of style but this dress not her best.

Quentin Tarantino

Of course the ladies weren’t the only ones who needed a little help, though he’s a genius when it comes to filmmaking Quentin Tarantino missed the mark with his Asian/cowboy/Indian inspired threads.

Mickey Rourke

And of course Mickey Rourke who generally has a decent sense of stlye somehow went a tad overboard with his accessorizing, even a gorgeous blonde at his side couldn’t detract from those kind of issues.

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