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Everyone has that one person in their industry that they look up to. That person who oozes charisma, chicness, style, and success. For me, this person is Laura Brown. Yes, because she is the Executive Editor of a major fashion magazine (ever heard of Harper’s Bazaar?), but mostly because she is downright hilarious.


This gorgeous blonde from Australia manages to cause even the most famous of A-list stars to drop their guard with her seemingly inane questions and comments and of course her contagious smile, a la her online series The Look. In one episode she tells actress Kate Hudson, “When I think of you, I think of dirt.”


Recently, did an interview with Brown about her vacation style, and being that she is my absolute favorite person in fashion (If editors have fans, my husband claims that I am her biggest) I could not pass up the chance to share it with you here:

What’s your packing style?
Last minute, and with more shoes than days.

Is it okay to look like a tourist on vacation?
I have a congenital fear of ever looking like a tourist. Even when I am one.


What’s the most daring thing you’ve done while abroad?
Got arrested in Italy while backpacking. It wasn’t my idea.

What’s the one vacation moment you’ll never forget?
So many. From the cliffs of Cinque Terre in Italy, to the blue of Parrot Cay, to going home to Bondi Beach.

What’s favorite purchase while on vacay?
Rosé. (Which is also my favorite purchase at home.)

What’s the sexiest thing about summer?
The peace.

What’s your new song of the summer?
The less noise, the better.

What are your 5-7 packing essentials?

Lots of Isabel Marant. The shirts are so easy to travel with. As many printed dresses as I can fit: Isabel, old Tracy Feith, Ann Taylor does some great flowy things. Missoni hat. Zimmermann and Eres swimsuits. iPad—because a vacation isn’t real if you don’t Instagram it.

Certainly I can learn a thing or two from Laura for my next vacation.

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