Fashion Week – Thakoon, Behnaz, Fetherston, Boy by Band of Outsiders

Erin Fetherston

After a particularly chocolate and champagne filled weekend, it’s back to perusing the NY Fashion Week shows. Sadly the rail thin models only remind me that perhaps I should not have indulged so much over the weekend…but I say… one has to eat right?

Even if I don’t have the will power of say a Rachel Zoe, my fashion radar is on the high with the latest crop of designer duds to grace the catwalk this week. Being a child of the late sixties and early seventies I cannot express quite how much I am drooling over all the retro inspirations I am seeing from the likes of Erin Fetherston, Boy by Band of Outsiders, Thakoon and snippets of details from Benhaz Serafpour.

Erin Fetherston

First off Erin Fetherston’s collection is in my estimation “to die for” love, love, loved it! Fetherston’s muse for the fall season was Nico of the Warhol gang fame. Known for mostly wearing pants Fetherston pushed aside her usual dress heavy lineup to include more of a variety. The rock and roll undertones were apparent and delicious. I especially loved the m ix of flowy chiffons and satins with heavier boots and jackets. For evening there were plenty of enticing metallic and curve hugging dresses a la’ Velvet Underground.

The Boy by Band of Outsiders set gave me the most eerie recollection of my doctors office circa 1977 except of course in my doctors office the pine trees were made of wallpaper. None the less I thoroughly enjoyed the “Ice Storm” inspired collection full of print blouses, slim suitings and chunky knits. The fashion brave will no doubt wear these pieces together while the rest of us can enjoy the dandy separates that scream city cool.

Thakoon Panichgul went for full on animal husbandry with the collection of furs trimmed, fur wrapped in fox, raccoon and mink.. all dripping over beautifully draped print dresses in a spectrum of neutrals. There were some definite give me my checkbook moments, and also some things that make you go hhhmmm but overall the collection was divine.

Benhaz Serafpour’s latest collection was decidedly feminine and polished. What a happy girl I would be if only I owned a few of these raccoon collared coats or floaty little dresses. By Serafpour’s own admission these are clothes that women want to wear. I second that motion loves! The mostly black, cream and white collection is set off by little blips of cobalt and some lovely graphic prints.

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