Fashion Week – Phillip Lim, Tory Burch, Marchesa

Tory Burch Fall

As fate would have it, our temperatures are reaching near record heights and we are more than ready to roll out our Spring duds but I am so immersed in the looks coming out of NY Fashion week that all I want to do is cuddle up to a lush coat or woolie day dress. Yes, I have said a thousand times that I am a child of the 60’s and 70’s and being that this fall season is splattered with details from those 70’s era trends I cannot wait to get my mitts on them.

Tory Burch Fall

The thought has even crossed my mind that a trip to the vintage stores might be in order, perhaps to snag something, anything that will tide me over until this most coveted Fall season arrives. Yes, I know there are plenty of darling things to wear for Spring but truth be told, I always covet the Fall fashion far more. As I stylist, mind you the Spring season is much more user friendly as garment bag lighten up and the layering of heavy knits, coats dresses etc is set aside. And I look forward to that little bit of grace as I schlep bags of garments in and out of my car.

Be that as it may, Phillip Lim’s collection had me completely mesmerized. Though putting it into words will likely sound more negative than positive, I mean nothing but gushing love for it. To me it was as if Mary and Rhoda raided Nancy Spungeon’s shoe closet then set off to the end of studio 54. Strange as that may sound to you…it means sheer delight for me! One part luxe, one part tailored and one part disco dissolving into punk… It’s genius and no doubt women will be clamoring for these looks the way teens overthrew the Beatles in the 60’s- the boucle’, silk, wool, sequins, and metallic are all delightful. I suggest Mr Lim hire a big bodyguard!

Then there is Tory, the woman that gave the well to do and not so well to do from Park Ave to Palm Beach something to rejoice about for the last few years. Her fresh but wearable aesthetic had us at hello gorgeous… This season Ms Burch departed just a bit from the typical society woman look to more of a downtown- meets- uptown- meets –trendy- meets –feminine- meets- cool. I loved it… and I especially loved those Desperately Seeking Susan studded ankle boots… yes another 80’s Madonna reference… what can I say? There were splashy prints, beaded fabrics, furry toppers, slim silhouettes and wearable knits. Hurray Tory… I’ll meet you as the cash register this fall!

Then there’s Georgina…Gerogina,Georgina,Georgina… Lace, organza and feathers..Oh my! The signature Marchesa details are still there and as gorgeous as ever, but this season aside from touches of the Grecian roots, there was more of a romantic whimsy, mixed with powerful siren. Again there were plenty of black and white but sprinkled with pops of orange, pink and blues. Awards season is just around the corner and this collection is sure to show up on the red carpet. I can see Rachel Zoe snatching up at least half of the pieces for her clients like Jen Garner and Demi Moore. I can also see Penelope, Kate and a few other A-listers wearing these amazingly crafted pieces. You must take a gander at the full collection… it will have you wishing that your dance card for Fall was full.

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