Fashion Flash – After The Row and Daria in W

Okay, I can’t stop thinking about The Row’s Fall Collection…. I know it sounds crazy, but next to Ralph Rucci it has been mon pre’fe’r’e line for some time now. Even when most people I talked to said…Row what? Yes there are a million stunning designer lines out there…Balenciaga (another top fav) Lanvin (gorgeous) Demeulemeester (insanity) but when I see theawe-inspiring aesthetic and design choices that Mary Kate and Ashley make time and time again I cannot contain my enthusiasm. You can’t fake quality when you go minimal and your fabric and silhouette choices have to be spot on. Sometimes it’s not what you put in, it’s what you don’t that counts and these girls get that! And I can honestly say that I was incredibly impressed with the small but mighty duo. I have been back stage for a zillion high end and couture shows but rarely do you ever see anyone of their celeb caliber actually being so hands on. I mean these girls were back there in the trenches styling each look and making sure every little detail was perfect before sending the models out into the crowd.

If I had the green I would be wearing The Row every day…no exaggeration. But watching the peachy-keen crowd yesterday…I’m not so sure that everyone felt as exuberant as I did. Perhaps some would have liked to see a bit more bling and maybe a tad of color. It brought to mind Joan Cusack in Working Girl saying to Melanie Griffith abut the black $6,000 sequin dress…. it needs some bows or somethin’…. Okay so maybe my humor is lost via print… but hopefully you get the drift. In any case I will be on cloud 9 for a few days dreaming of Fall and The Row. Here are some of my favorite looks from the collection.

On another note, have you spied the Daria Werbowy spread in W Magazine this month? Movers and Shakers by Mario Sorrenti will surely have you on your knees praying for that growth spurt that never came…. The girl tips the meter… those legs are beyond the beyond logic, that hair is the stuff that men toppled kingdoms for in the dark ages and let me say, Camilla Nickerson’s styling makes me feel like I could don a bodysuit and drip myself with jewels without looking a freak even to the grocery store…. I just have to share… if this doesn’t send you to the gym to get swimsuit ready nothing will!

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