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I’m not really one to thrift shop. A good bargain? Yes. But sifting through disorganized racks, clutter everywhere and a veritable disaster of clothes just plain gives me anxiety. Raging anxiety at that. But yes, my wallet could definitely use some more bargains, without enduring bargain shopping madness that is.

So it’s good to know a new boutique has popped up in town offering 50-90% off designer brands without making you fight like animals for a pair of designer denim. It’s aptly named Designer Off Price and you can find it at the Loop 101 and Raintree in North Scottsdale.

So what exactly should you expect to find at Designer Off Price? Favorite designers at prices normally hovering under $100 or less! Now that’s a bargain.

Some of the labels you’ll find at Designer Off Price include:

Laguna Beach

Diane von Furstenberg

Christian Audiger

Ed Hardy

Rock & Republic

True Religion

7 for all Mankind

MEK Denim

Paige Premium Denim


Ralph Lauren


Christian Dior

Marc Jacobs



Michael Kors

Dolce & Gabbana


Hard 8

and more…

How do they do it? Designer Off Price aims to cut out the middle man and offers their apparel and accessories at below wholesale prices. You can join their email list on the Web site to be alerted of new brands, special sales and events too if you really want to stay in the know.

Designer Off Price is also planning on opening a second location at the Scottsdale Promenade in May and additional franchise opportunities are available with locations opening in Colorado, Georgia, Nevada, Minnesota and New Jersey too.

I have to admit, I’m excited to check out this place and hope it’s far from any rummaging experience I’ve had in the past. My first trip to Last Chance in which a designer denim intercom announcement caused a stampede of women to line up like desperate teenage groupies still haunts me. Actually, it was the lady with the whistle that timed you for 30 seconds to find the a pair of jeans to try on that still totally haunts me.


Designer Off Price

15231 N. 87th St., Ste 105


If you get a chance to get down there and check it out before I do, feel free to let us all know how it is! I’m sure we could all use a good bargain these days, even those of us that seem to be allergic to sales.

  1. i’ve been!! it is NOTHING like a Last Chance or Nordstrom Rack…. this is a much smaller scale and all the denim is very organized by size and brand. Definitely worth checking out, and since it is close to where i live, it’s easy to bop on in every once in a while to see what’s new.

  2. That’s exciting. I’m with you I hope it feels more like a boutique and less like a Nordstrom Rack or TJ Max. Those places just make me feel trashy.

  3. This sounds good to me! Nordstrom Rack tends to give me a headache and the prices aren’t as discounted as I’d like!

  4. I’d definitely like to check this out especially if it’s better than Last Chance. I went there once (or was it the Rack?) and it creeped me out. Maybe now that my expectations are so low it won’t bother me as much. But first, I’m going to this new place.

  5. I’m waiting for the Promenade location to open. The 101 & Raintree area is like the bermuda triangle.

  6. I just saw this ad in the new issue of Arizona Foothills Magaizne and have to get there. Now for sure have a reason to stop in. Thanks for the tip most places are so over priced for jeans still!

  7. i’m so with you Marlene. i need the bargain…but i rather pay the extra to avoid the anxiety and fighting. i will have to check this place out!!!

  8. They have TONS of Urban Outfitters for cheap !!!! I picked up a pair if Laguna Beach for my daughter for $99 bucks and a pair of True Religion for myself….really on to something here !

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