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Without a doubt, Clueless has to be one of the all-time greatest movies ever. And probably one of everyone’s favorite scenes is when Alicia Silverstone’s character, Cher, taps into her laptop to play with her virtual wardrobe. I mean, how freaking cool is that? We see ensemble after ensemble spinning around for us to drool over right on her computer.

Want a virtual closet of your own? I do. That’s why Closet Couture is totally my new hero. I haven’t had a chance to fully experience it yet but it’s much like Cher’s virtual wardrobe play, with a social media aspect to it too.

Go to and sign up for a free (yay, free!) account. You’ll be able to upload images of everything in your closet to save in your virtual wardrobe. It’s a simple as taking shots on your digi cam (with a white background) and uploading to the site.

What’s even better, you don’t even have to upload every single thing you own. When you first sign up some “basics” pop up based on your wardrobe personality. Are you a classic? Your virtual closet comes stocked with basics like a Calvin Klein white button-down, wide-leg jeans and a crisp Moschino black dress. Basically, things you pretty much already own! You can also browse the wardrobes of other members and add items they have to your closet.

But wait, it gets better. As much as I love being able to play dress up by myself, sometimes you need a second opinion. Closet Couture allows you to link up with your friends or stylish strangers and help suggest outfits for them. Going on a weekend trip and not sure what to pack? Ask your pals to help you style outfits in your virtual closet! It’s crazy what combinations others will come up with you may have never seen before. Plus, you can gain inspiration for yourself by following other stylish Closet Couture members.

There’s forums to get involved in, shopping links and, if you’re in need of a professional stylist, they’re on hand starting at just $25 for one outfit/event. The site offers everything from a complete wardrobe overhaul ($1,000) to packing for a weekend trip ($100).

I can’t wait to delve further into this site and have a little photo session with my closet. Plus, helping others pick out outfits? Yeah, sounds superfun to me!

If you do decide to join, link up with me!

Screenname: MarleneM.


  • Claire F. says:

    Off to a long weekend and plan on taking laptop to play with this! Thanks for the info Marlene.

  • Mollie says:

    How need! The outfit above seems too gray though.

  • Sally says:

    How fun! It sounds like the grown up girl’s way to play dress up

  • Carly says:

    I’m in. I could definitely use a little inspiration by stepping outside the box. I tend to fall back on everyday classic. It would be nice to add a little flare to my wardrobe.

  • lisa says:

    this is so cool – – and makes me want to clean up my wardrobe so there are more options!

  • Angela Costello says:

    imagine having a consultation witha web stylist. sounds kinda weird.i guess it could work though.

  • Deedra Speck says:

    Well this is pretty neat.

  • alyson says:

    We at Closet Couture are so so excited to see your post… ladies, the Closet Couture community is so lovely and chic. It’s just the most fun ever… and handy. For me, it changed how i dress. At first, all of my outfits looked the same. I supposed there is nothing wrong with consistency but, ahem, i was a little out of control with the whole “gray minimalist” thing. Anyway, hope you have fun with it!

    Also, we have a new BLOGGER tool (gasp – so excited)… and you can share what you’re wearing on Facebook and Twitter now, too.

    If you want to see one of the outfits in a blog post, there’s one here:

    Cheers, cheris,
    Alyson from Closet Couture

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