Best Dressed at the 2011 Golden Globes

photo Tyler Boye

After a crazy day on a photo shoot and pulling clothes I raced home to catch the Pre- Golden Globes Red Carpet. I found myself switching back and forth between the E Channel with Julianna Rancic and Ryan Seacrest and NBC’s Carson Daly and Alexa Chung’s commentary. I have to say even though I adore Alexa as an “It girl” I am not so sure I love her as an awards show expert. Yes I get her cool indie Britishness but the every day makeup and the messy hair just seemed to pale by comparison to the Hollywood crowd… despite her natural gorgeousness.

But, I digress, as far as the actual celebs that were gracing the event, for the most part they all looked delish…. Green was a standout color and was seen on at least a dozen A-listers right off the bat. Blush colors from pale to fiery pink-red were also prominent as was a bevy of neturals from putty to khaki and taupe.

Here are a few of my favorites of the evening.

Claire Danes – For the second time I would have to say that Ms Danes was as flawless as she was last year at the Emmys. This time she was sporting a bright pink Calvin Klein halter dress, with her hair coiffed perfectly into a modern-retro bun.

photo Tyler Boye

Emma Stone – Ms Stone was practically unrecognizable with her recently lightened platinum blonde updo. Another actress bucking the often seem dark dress trend in a bright peachy pink Calvin Klein curve hugging dress, a bronzed tan and springy peach colored makeup.

phot Tyler Boye

Katie Sagal – I would imagine just about every jaw was dropping when the former Peg Bundy took the stage in her vivid orange satin dress. The plunging V and fitted top made this fifty something look like a total bombshell!

photo Fraizer Hamison

Angelina Jolie – Looked absolutely smashing in her green Versace gown, but really did we expect anything less than this naturally gorgeous goddess and better half of Brad Pitt? Probably one of the best moments of the evening was Ang adjusting Brad’s tie…. Somehow this was the evidence needed to prove that yes, they really are human!

photo Tyler Boye

Anne Hathaway – The newly announced co-host of the upcoming Academy Awards Ms Hathaway knocked it out of the park with a little help from her friend Rachel Zoe. She wore an incredible Armani Prive’ blush and bronze colored backless dress with round paiettes and pouf sleeves.

photo Tyler Boye

And I have to give props to Mila Kunis, Elizabeth Moss and Catherine Zeta Jones for each looking amazing in their gorgeous emerald colored gowns by Vera Wang, Donna Karan and Monique Lhullier respectively.

photo Tyler Boye

Lastly, Sofia Vergara proved why no one can make men swoon quite like she does. She wore a red satin Vera Wang with a black satin belt and cascading train. More so than any dress on anyone of the evening, this sleek number hugged her curves to perfection and made it hard to take your eyes off of her!

Tyler Boye
  1. Frankly, I think the first two looks are extremely boring and judging by these best & worst lists, you seem to have a real problem with prints. I’m also surprised to see your applaud Anne Hathaway’s ginormous shoulder poufs while criticizing Leighton Meister for a similar silhouette.

    1. Marcie,
      Thanks so much for your comments. I have no problem with prints that flatter, but not all do. And as a child of the 80’s…I think a shoulder pad can often do a body good…. Leighton is a beautiful girl, but I found the dress a bit drab for her.

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