Behind The Scenes – Vogue Italia “Curvy” Fashion Shoot Part 2

As noted yesterday after living with a plus size model in New York, I have an affinity for those amazing curvaceous amazons of the industry. In fact I just recently worked with a plus size Ford/RBA model here in Phoenix that was soon on her way to NYC. I predict superstardom in her future not only because of her looks but because of her attitude and lack of self -conscious in front of the camera. In general plus girls don’t get all the breaks that the traditional size models do so I was really delighted to see Marquita Pring, Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine and Robyn Lawley all premiere plus models featured in Vogue Italia’s June issue.

The Elizabeth Taylor inspired editorial was shot by Steven Meisel. Pring kept a diary during the two-day shoot (I shared part one yesterday) chronicling everything from her nerves to the amazing wardrobe to the makeup and how it felt undraping for Meisel.

Here is a very edited chronicle of Prings Day Two experiences.

Day Two
It’s almost 7am and I’m the first one here, along with a few assistants setting up. We have to be here an hour earlier because of an early fitting. Steven wanted more options to choose from.

Everyone’s here now and the trying on begins! The furs and lingerie are endless. Literally. Bags filled with clothing are delivered one after the other. Sandy, Guido’s assistant, comes and grabs us. Time to get started!

I sit back in Erin’s chair. Pat McGrath walks in, filling the room with her booming personality and incredible perfume (she really does smell amazing). She tells her girls to look at the Polaroids taken the day before and to do the exact same face they did yesterday. After lunch we get touched up. I think I’ll lose it if I’m not up next. Erin senses my anxiety. She assures me I’m next. She’s right. I can breath again.

Once she’s done with me I go straight to Edward. He’s waiting for me with black tights, a Gucci skirt, and a La Perla bra. I can already tell the shoots gone in a different direction than the way it seemed the first day. Much sexier.
I get dressed and Will, Edwards assistant puts some Manolos (two sizes too small) on my feet. Edward reveals the coat–a beautiful cropped black fur. Next the jewelry. Two gold and diamond bracelets with a massive emerald necklace. Needless to say, I feel expensive.

I walk out with an entourage following closely behind. Stevens waiting in the big room. He sees me and decides my outfit is not right for this room. The two of us walk to the next room. He tells me to lie comfortably on the bed. I do. He snaps a few shots. He decides something’s not right. He tells me to take the fur off and to put it next to me. I do More test shots. Nope, something’s still not right.

Steven says he’s not at all inspired by the clothing and to bring me back in something amazing.

Edward is scrambling to find the perfect outfit. He refers to the white board and comes to a navy blue swimsuit. It’s a classic 1950′s halter top bikini and the bottoms are high waisted. I get a pair of shiny black patent leather kitten heels and a massive floor length gray fur coat. And, of course, new jewelry. A gigantic gold and diamond necklace and several bracelets.

I notice Steven is back in the big room. As I enter the room Steven tells me to stop at the door. I do. He asks everyone to clear from the background. He seems pleased. He says he wants more. He asks someone if I’m comfortable getting naked. None of my front will be showing, just my back side. I think for a moment. Not about the nudity. That doesn’t bother me. I think about how this particular experience is the epitome of what I’ve always imagined these shoots to be like. Pat starts covering me with oily body spray. I feel like a shiny Barbie. She adds a black cat like mask to my face. The photo has completely transformed again. Steven says he wants me in my next outfit.

Edward grabs me and we run to the wardrobe room. They hand me a super tiny bandage dress and a vibrant red bra. I put them on along with patent leather pumps and a few bracelets. Steven wants another outfit. When I get back to the wardrobe room I see Candice dressed. Doubles!

While he does that Guido slicks my hair back into a tight bun. Pat puts a mask on my face. He doesn’t like it, back to our original positioning. I’m handed another cigarette. More shots taken and we’ve got it!
The end of the day is rapidly approaching. I don’t ever want it to stop.

Back in our robes and to the makeup room to see what’s next! Erin touches up my makeup but right as she starts putting my lipstick on Stephen comes in and says thank you very much to all of us. I can’t believe it’s actually over! I want more! This whole experience was such a rush! I can’t possibly be over.

One of Stephens assistants opens a crisp white box in front of us. In his hands he holds the prints from the past two days. He quickly flips through them giving us a little teaser. I melt. It’s all so beautiful I can’t believe I was a part in creating this story. We kiss Steven, Pat, and Guido goodbye. I can’t help but feel like I’ll he seeing them again.
This experience has surpassed anything I could have ever imagined. In fact, I’m at a loss for words. All I can think about is….WOW, I am blessed!!! Oh yeah, and wouldn’t more shoots like this be amazing!!! 😉

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