Arizona Coyotes Partner with Mike Stud on New Merch Collection

The Coyotes Collection has partnered with lifestyle apparel brand Stevenson Ranch on a cutting-edge merch line merging hockey, streetwear and Western culture.

Founded by platinum-recording hip-hop artist mike., Stevenson Ranch brings its Wild West-inspired flare into the innovative collaboration, which showcases a unique fusion of sports and fashion and marks the brand’s first collaboration with an entity associated with a professional sports team. 

The Coyotes x Stevenson Ranch collection dropped on March 15 and features a range of apparel, including sweatshirts, tees, shorts and the inaugural release of soft-brim hats from both the Coyotes and Stevenson Ranch. The collection embraces contemporary Western-wear styles prevalent in today’s fashion landscape and includes select items that showcase the Stevenson Ranch brand slogan, “Not My First Rodeo,” which is emblematic of mike.’s journey in fashion and entertainment.

Known as mike. (formerly Mike Stud), Michael Francis Seander is a former collegiate baseball player at Duke University who discovered his passion for music during his recovery from Tommy John surgery to reconstruct the ulnar collateral ligament at the inside of the elbow. Embracing his creative drive, he ventured into fashion design and founded Stevenson Ranch, a brand embodying the Wild West ethos with a nomadic spirit.

“The Coyotes are the perfect partner for this collaboration, given the team’s innovative approach to sports-themed merchandise and the inherent connection to Western culture within the Valley,” mike. said in a statement. “My focus has always been on fostering genuine communities, and this partnership presents an opportunity for Stevenson Ranch to engage with a wider audience.”

Previous collaborators with Stevenson Ranch include notable names such as Bailey Zimmerman and JBL. The brand has also received endorsements from influential figures like Baker Mayfield, Koe Wetzel and Caleb Pressley. Today, Stevenson Ranch furthers its esteemed reputation with the Coyotes x Stevenson Ranch collaboration, the brand’s first venture into professional sports merchandise. 

The Coyotes Collection’s partnership with Stevenson Ranch is the latest addition to a series of collaborations that the Coyotes have formed with apparel brands over the past two seasons. According to the Coyotes Collection, these endeavors aim to transcend traditional sports merchandise by merging streetwear fashion with the Arizona Coyotes brand. Like the Coyotes Collection’s previous partnerships, the Coyotes x Stevenson Ranch collaboration engages fans on a deeper level and celebrates the intersection of sport and fashion while reflecting the vibrant identity of Arizona beyond the ice, all while honoring its rich culture in the process.

The Coyotes x Stevenson Ranch collection is now available for purchase at For more information, follow @CoyotesCollection and @Stevenson.Ranch on Instagram.

Photos courtesy Coyotes Collection

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