6 Standout Luxury Bridal Collections From New York Bridal Fashion Week

Last week, top bridal designers and brands revealed their latest luxury collections during New York Bridal Fashion Week. We’ve rounded up a handful of these new collections that brides will be able to get their hands on in 2023, so in the meantime you can learn more about the inspirations behind each collection and get a sneak peek into the elegance and intricate designs of the bridal industry’s upcoming gowns and fashion.

Sophie et Voila: “Cristóbal”

The introduction of Sophie et Voila’s newest line comprises eight pieces that come in white as well as a range of colors, and are made from the most exclusive fabric sourced and the most intricate patterns drawn up by the company to date.

“These transformable dresses, mini dresses and coats are of the highest quality produced by us so far, and though they are soaking in the DNA of our brand, they indicate our evolution towards a more delicate and elaborate style of dressmaking,” says Sophie et Voila Creative Director Sofía Arribas and CEO Saioa Goitia. 

Stefania Everenn: “Jubilation”

Stefania Everenn’s newest Fall 2023 Collection, “Jubilation,” offers clean lines and sophisticated shapes while still providing an unexpected twist via a deep slit, hidden pockets or an oversized bow. Just as life and love are full of surprises, these gowns will embrace the joy in each of life’s special moments. 

The Atelier Couture by Professor Jimmy Choo: “Paradise”

Atelier Couture by Professor Jimmy Choo’s newest bridal collection, “Paradise,” is surrounded in the light of Dante Alighieri’s poem, “The Divine Comedy.” 

In the “Paradise” collection, Atelier constructed and spliced each fantasy image with different textured fabrics and created beautiful renditions of The Divine Comedy on each design with metal threads in different shades of colors. The celestial astrological patterns are also added with a strong art deco style which creates a mysterious, noble, sensual and ethereal aura to the collection.

Katherine Tash: “In Bloom”

Inspired by a personal season of life for the designer herself, Katherine Tash’s new bridal line, “In Bloom,” celebrates and embodies growth.

“There was so much “blossoming” happening in every area of my life this year,” says Katherine Tash. “Exponential growth that felt beautiful, hard, intentional, necessary, all of the big things all at once—and topped off with an engagement in the South of France this summer. I joked a lot with my fiancé that it felt like being fed through a fire hose of emotions. But isn’t that what we’re striving for with our lives? To feel it all, and learn and grow and become better versions of ourselves little by little? To experience the world with open eyes, through love, and take it all in. I think this collection is a reflection of setting those intentions. This year I received so much of what I had hoped for and worked for in my life. Designing the collection felt like a moment to lean into that pure happiness and enjoy the fruits of my labors. I was finally, In Bloom.”

Alexandra Grecco: “Celestine” 

Alexandra Grecco’s latest collection, “Celestine,” is a celebration of dance and movement, taking inspiration from the ballet world. The collection offers a balanced assortment of ethereal pieces reminiscent of those found in Degas’s paintings, along with structured silhouettes complete with soft draped details. Texture abounds with hand-pleated organza, shimmering paillette applique and french corded lace. Petite florals, laser-cut in satin and organza are scattered throughout the collection adding dimension and a playful touch. “Celestine” is fresh and modern with a nod to classic silhouettes that celebrate the female form.

House of Matching Colours: “Universal Lovers” 

The new bridal collection by House of Matching Colours (HOMC) is inspired by a bride who HOMC describes as “very natural, wild, almost . . . unconventional and free-spirited.” In “Universal Lovers,” HOMC presents a selection of their best, most flattering shapes after 10 years of research, that really elongate the body and are comfortable to dance in all night.

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