5 fix-its to keep you looking cool this summer

First, I cant believe it’s June.  Then, I don’t know which is worse 112 degree weather at the beginning of June or knowing that there are a hundred more days of swelter to come?  And tonight my brain feels so incredibly overheated that I just might not turn on the oven again until September.

I spent much of the weekend doing wardrobe styling for an upcoming video and about midway through the process of running in and out of stores toting an armload of garment bags I realized how utterly unprepared I am to deal with the havoc that rising temperatures wreak on my appearance.  In fact I would never even dream of stepping out of the house without a full water bottle to stay hydrated and a package of Kleenex to mop up any signs of glistening.  But that isn’t always enough.

Honestly, I never quite understand how some people manage to look completely fresh while I look like a wilting mess.  To help keep my makeup from sliding off my face I love Stila 10 in 1 Beauty Balm. It glides onto skin to help reduce pore size and provides oil control, hides skin imperfections and lines and gives an overall improved look to the skin.  

This summer I am even stepping outside of my box and embracing pink toned lip stains so that even when the rest of my makeup fades I at least have a little color to brighten things up.  I love Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon.

If I am going to be in the heat for any length of time I like to hide a Weleda Citrus Deodorant Spray in my bag to stave away any odor with natural essential oils.  It also makes a great natural perfume as well. 

Then to avoid any embarrassing perspiration issues I rely on Garment Guards to keep my blouses and tee shirts dry and fresh. Just stick them inside the underarms of your blouse to protect your clothes and reduce the amount of dry cleaning or washing needed.

And my latest obsession is doing a top knot or a braided bun on those days when I don’t have time to spend on my hair. To protect my hair from the harsh sun I rely on a longtime favorite Phyto Plage Protective Beach Spray with SPF. It leaves your hair soft, shiny, conditioned and super healthy . Plus it helps your color last longer.

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