How To – Get A Perfect Faux Tan

As one of my friends shared this morning on Facebook “beware the solar storm today!”  Those warm Arizona temps are creeping up again.  Not that we should be surprised it is spring after all, and with the season comes Spring Training and hot air!

For most of us desert dwellers than means it’s time to break out the shorts, tank tops and show off the tan lines! But if like me you are skipping the actual tan in favor of a faux glow, here is a little refresher on how to get the best out of that bottle of self tanner.


Exfoliate- Do this on any area of the body that will be the recipient of self tanner. Use a salt or sugar scrub without a lot of oil because self tanner won’t adhere to skin that’s too slippery. Use your scrub in a circular motion then rinse thoroughly. Try  Bliss Hot Salt Scrub, A eucalyptus and rosemary scented scrub that wakes you up and leaves skin smooth without oily residue.

Or Pacifica Kona and Sugar Detox Whole Body Scrub that intoxicating scent leaves skin smooth and though it contains oil it’s not overpowering.

Shave- Save the shaving step until after you use your scrub otherwise you’ll end up with that lovely salt in an open wound sensation. Be sure not to shave over any area more than once or twice to avoid razor burns which don’t look or feel pretty.

Moisturizer- Use a lightweight lotion that’s not too greasy (remember a slippery surface does not make for an even application.) Focus on elbows knees and feet because these areas tend to get the most blotchy during application.  Give yourself 5-10 minutes for the lotion to absorb fully before going on to the next step.   If you do end up with too much lotion buff your skin with a bath towel to remove the excess.
Try Kiehl’s Creme de Corp Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter for a deliciously scented super hydrating formula.

Tanner- Start applying the tanner gradually resist the temptation to slather on too much too quickly. This is when we get those awful streaks. Work in even strokes  from the top to the bottom and blend in thoroughly to avoid missed spots and streaks.  Try L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Lotion.

For the Face-  apply a dab on your forehead, nose and each cheek then blend outward until the product looks seamless.  Always check your application in natural light to be sure you blended well and didn’t miss anything major.   I love St Tropez Self Tanning Mousse for a goof proof application.

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