Brooke Shields Teams Up With MAC Cosmetics

Supermodel and actress Brooke Shields has teamed up with MAC Cosmetics to be the next celebrity superstar for the beauty brand’s Icon collection.

The collaboration all started when Shields ran into MAC’s Senior VP James Gager while running errands sans makeup.

“There’s this little place I go to get coffee after I drop my kids off for school and after a yoga or spin class, where I think no one will see me without makeup,” she told WWD. “Of course, who do I run into but James, Mr. MAC? After we talked a few times, he approached me about the next Icon line and asked if I would consider designing it with them.”

Some of the items from Brooke Shields Icon collection for MAC Cosmetics

Shields said she drew inspiration for the 15-product collection from her own beauty cabinet.

“I went through all my makeup, opened it all up, and started to decide what of each product I loved—whether it was from MAC or some obscure brand I got on a shoot in Japan,” she said. “So many times you get asked to ‘create’ something, but it ends up being ‘put your face on this.’ I got to run with this, and I loved every detail of it.”

The result? MAC’s largest Icon collection to date, which includes an impressive 16-pen shadow palette, nail polishes, lipsticks, glosses and, naturally, brow products to recreate Shield’s imitable brows.

Previous stars who have participated in MAC’s Icon collection include Diana Ross, Catherine Deneuve and Raquel Welch.

Brooke Shields for MAC Icon collection will be available in stores and on Oct. 2.

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