Bad Celebrity Hair Looks

I hate to rain on someone’s beauty parade, really I do, but after seeing the latest in my inbox this morning from the Real Beauty web site I just couldn’t pass this up. And let’s face it, when you are a celebrity and you have an entourage of makeup, hair and wardrobe stylists there should never be a reason to step out in public with one of these disasters. Perhaps too many of these celebs have overly enthusiastic “yes men” and women in their corners who would never dream of telling their bankroll the real truth about how they look. Yes darling, you are fabulous! That is hot baby, you are going to rule the red carpet! Note to self, if you ever have an entourage, hire only brutally honest witches!

So here we go from here are some of the worst celebrity hair looks that I have seen lately!

I always love Christina for her larger than life talent, but I was a tad bit disappointed when her latest look seemed to be a knock off of Lady Gaga, never mind the fact that the look just isn’t super flattering on her. I say bring back the classic Marilyn curls again!

After the crazy head shearing moment a few years back Brittney seemed to recover nicely in the hair department thanks to a few well placed extensions, so the question is why let it get to this gnarled point?

First off don’t ask me why Mena Suvari would go from her pretty little blonde locks to a goth-awful shade of deep dark brown (hopefully it’s for a role) but beyond that what alternative cosmos was she in when she thought this bird’s nest of a “do” looked presentable at all…I must know, did she lose her hat and need to recreate it with her hair?

Can I say that I am usually cheering for Kelly Osborne especially after her heartfelt season on Dancing with the Stars, and we all know that she is nothing if not a rebel in the beauty department, but these lavender gone gray curls are nothing short of a Queen Elizabeth impersonation, and that’s not a good thing when you are in your twenties.

Okay I get that Katherine had to dye her hair dark for a role, but what in heavens name forced her to go all 80’s newscaster on us? There is just one word for this…No!

I don’t get this at all, but in my eyes Heidi can almost do no wrong. I mean this woman is practically flawless and there would be no Project Runway without her, but why the wet locks Ms Klum?

Jaime King usually the picture of sleek and chic somehow landed in the stick your finger in a socket category with this crazy ruffled mess. I suspect her stylist was going for the Drew at the Golden Globes look that worked so well for her, but sadly the one thing missing here was a smoothing comb.

And lastly, we all know and love some of the past looks that Rihanna has sported, but this one looks like something that one of the characters from the 80’s flick Dick Tracy would have worn. Strangely I have no words here…

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