4 Steps to Meltproof Makeup

Most likely, there is no turning back, the summer has begun and the heat factor just isn’t going to go away.  So how do you stay looking fresh and pretty in this air that feels like a blow drier pelting your face?

It’s all about the products you choose.  Many women stick to the same routine in the summer that they do in the winter which is not necessarily the best strategy. Summer is the time to switch up your makeup to lighter weight formulas.  Using a thick or heavy full coverage foundation in the summer only looks worse when you factor in perspiration and additional layers of powder. 

Just say no to a cakey face! 

Your first step in the summer should be a lightweight primer to prep your “canvas” using just a hint of a good primer before foundation will help keep your primary makeup layer looking good.  Try Smashbox Photo Finish Primer or Laura Mercier both create a smooth finish. 

Then try swapping your regular foundation for a tinted moisturizer.  Usually when I suggest this most women who like full coverage will shudder… But if you really think about it foundation is meant to even out the skin  not obliterate it completely.  I love Becca Luminous skin color and Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. Both provide the right amount of color, sun protection and glow to the skin.  If you are spending time outside also use an additional sunscreen for maximum protection. You can apply tinted moisturizer with your fingertips or a sponge like the Beautyblender instead of a foundastion brush for the best results.

Next spot conceal any areas on the face that need coverage like blemishes, discoloration, under eye circles and redness using a small concealer brush.  Though it may sound time consuming once you get the hang of it applying concealer like this is a snap.  Try Makeup Forever Full Coverage Concealer

And finally resist the urge to use a lot of powder either loose or pressed in sweltering temperatures. It only makes the face look more caked and streaky. To set your foundation and concealer use a lightweight loose powder with either a puff sponge or a big fluffy brush.   As the day goes on use blotting tissue to soak up excess oil and perspiration rather than adding more powder. Layering powder often leads to breakouts as well and lets not even talk about using that little sponge that comes with your powder compact… Try Alison Rafaelle oil blotting tissue which are oil free and bleach free.

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