4 Sexy Tan Enhancers

After exposing my pale skin to a few hours at the beach last month I was so sad to see the tad bit of tan fade away as the weeks have gone on. Back in the day I would have probably spent time in the tanning bed just to give my color a little boost, but with all of the warning signs of carcinoma and the residual hyper pigmentation issues I just can’t go down that road again. And even though they are super effective, the chemical smell of spray tans just don’t appeal to me, so I am left with DIY tanning creams at home.

Even though tanning creams, mousses and towelettes do the trick quite nicely, with repeated use the color can build to a rather dull leather shoe looking shade of brown so to combat the bronze doldrums my latest obsession is to layer with a hint of bronzing oil or shimmer lotion. I know, I know nothing sounds worse to anyone over the age of forty than the word “shimmer” but you’d be surprised at what a little luminizing can do for dry summer skin.

Skin Illuminator by St Tropez is the latest addition to the wash-off collection by these tanning experts. Though it has an ultraviolet bluish- pink color straight out of the tube, once it’s blended this cream creates some seriously glossy and youthful looking skin. It’s perfect for a night out or when you are ready to bring sexy back.

Rimmel Instant Tan Bronzing Spray goes on through a fine mist and leaves a flawless airbrush effect that dries to a light golden tone. This one is great for giving pale complexions a healthy sun-kissed touch.

I adore oil formulations because they keep skin soft and hydrated like no cream can and MAC’s Beach Bronze Body Oil is no exception. With added flecks of shimmer the application might require a bit of extra blending but once it’s on, the effects are ultra sensual and worth the time.

Though it’s not as common in AZ I really have a crush on Paul & Joe Cosmetics. So when I tried their Shimmer Body Lotion I had high hopes… and I can delightfully say they delivered. This floral scented lotion has a subtle gold iridescence that can be layered depending on the depth of glow you desire. If you already have some color this is the enhancer for you, if not then using a self tanner first is the way to go.

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